Approx Reading Time-10The instances of everyday sexism seem to have grown since the election of “you know who”, but his views have just magnified an existing issue.


It’s already terrifying enough to not be born a straight, white, middle-class male in this society, especially now with the election of a President who has no regard for the opinions of those outside the “convenient”.

If you use your voice in this world in a manner inconvenient, you will receive some kind of threat as a result of it. That’s something you can set your watch to. Some notable examples recently are the total badass Clementine Ford, or the most recent uproar involving Mike Pence and the cast of the Broadway musical, Hamilton.

These are not isolated incidents.

On the night of the election results in the US, I shared a screenshot of a Tweet that said “Tell me again how sexual assault allegations will ruin a man’s career?” and an absolute shit fight broke out, started by a person who had nothing better to do with his time than send me comment after comment for 20 minutes straight about how many false accusations of rape happen in the world, and also how terrible women are.

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After I told him that the figures he had provided about false accusations had actually been proven to be incorrect, it turned into a personal attack on me.

(I think the most insulting thing about being attacked via social media is that when someone calls you the C word or threatens you, it apparently doesn’t violate the social media site’s policies, but that, my dear friends, is another story.)

In a previous job, I had a co-worker reach up my dress when we were at a friend’s going away party in town. He grabbed all that he could get his hands on, and when I turned around to give him a spray, I was told by him and one other not to make a scene. The following Monday I spoke to our boss and he said he’d sort it out. I ended up getting taken off the projects that I enjoyed doing most in my job indefinitely, because he was involved in them too, and as I was the one with the problem, why should he be punished?

I left that position within three months of the incident.

How does all of this relate to the election of Donald Trump?

There are men who will tell you how much they fight for the rights of others, yet for whom the rights of others don’t seem to register when their own privilege and power is inconvenienced. When laws and precedents time and time again are set to benefit those who are doing the abusing, this world needs to take a long hard look at itself and put an end to the constant battle of the sexes. Even if the sign that supporting the rape of the wife of the leader of the free world, has since been lowered, it also serves as a marker of what could be over the next four years. The definition lies with us.


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