While you were asleep: Xenophon enables ABCC, Trump saves flags, Chernobyl’s fancy new dress

Approx Reading Time-10Christ. Forgot to put the bins out. What happened while you were asleep? Well, Nick Xenophon did a mad flip, Donald Trump saved the nation’s flags and Chernobyl now rivals the City of Light.


Xenophon folds to Turnbull, and hell rides after him.

The papers, electronic and traditional, are screaming bloody blue murder over the stunning party trick of Nick Xenophon’s mad backflip (brah, hold my drink – watch this), but considering the realities of the wafer-thin majority in the Senate, this was always going to happen, and it was going to be something we didn’t want. It merely was a case of picking your poison. I contend that it was the lesser of many evils.

Yes, the ABCC moves ever closer, and we could blame Nick for that, but someone was going to roll. The temptation was too grand a thing. I suppose we dodged a bullet regarding Leyonhjelm’s guns or whatever One Nation desired. In exchange, Xenophon got no assurances that any water – or money – will be put back into the Murray but he does get no extra Barnaby Joyce. Which in one way is a plus, and in another is a great stroke of genius from Mal. Hire a disagreeable bloke, to use his disagreeable nature as a poker chip.

Outstanding work.


Trump suggests flag burning could cost citizens citizenship, burning toupees seen as alternative.

The time-honoured political metaphor of setting your flag ablaze is under fire. Wocka wocka. President-elect Donald Trump has spoken overnight, claiming that the burning of the flag, despite being protected under the first amendment, could be quietly shown the door. Why? Because it’s un-American, consarnit.

Suffice to say, the Internet didn’t take the news particularly well:

This is the odd thing about Trump (among many odd things). He could, and presumably will, be the only world leader of the new age where we hope that the Tweets that pop up with his name on them were actually typed by his staff, and not the man himself.

As for the flag-burning itself, it is a strong political metaphor, but if outlawed, I’m suggesting that we come up with an alternative. May I suggest:

  1. Sitting on the flag
  2. Using it as a napkin
  3. Writing the lyrics of O, Canada on the white parts
  4. Folding it into a wobbly plane and hurling it at police
  5. Fashioning it into a cape (Aussie, Oi!)


Chernobyl gets fancy new concrete coat, slides into town.

It has been 30 years since the Chernobyl disaster, and 2016 has birthed another one in Pripyat. A fashion disaster. Fortunately Joan Rivers does not do GeoPolitics (nor is she still alive), because she’d surely put the boot into Reactor Number 4’s new number. Blergh, concrete. Did the mob make your shoes, honey?

It does have it’s fans though:

Awesome. Just so we’re on the same page here, this is the Eiffel Tower:


And this is the Ukrainian take on it:

It’s just a giant blankie, yeah?


The top five #AusPol Tweets from overnight.

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