While you were asleep: Merkel’s burqa backflip, political donations reach $1b, Google Earth time-lapse

Approx Reading Time-10Morn-o. What happened while you were asleep? Well, Angela Merkel made us sad, the Gov got innovative with a new investment opportunity, and Google Earth got out the baby pictures of Saudi Arabia.


Merkel calls for Burqa ban, takes leave of senses

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is considered one of the few steady European political leaders. But in addressing her party overnight (the fun sounding mob, the Christian Democratic Union), Merkel, pushing for her fourth term, called for a ban on the burqa, saying “The full-face veil must be banned, wherever it is legally possible,” before flatly stating that the refugee crisis “should not be repeated”. The same crisis that the Germans handled so admirably.

One might say that her comments are mere politicking to her own backyard, but for the rest of us, those words are disheartening, and dare we say it, a bit schiesse.

Not you too, Angela.


Political donations set to reach $1b, time for us to all wet our beaks

In a study run by Monash University, Dr Charles Livingstone called the donation laws “corrupt, opaque” and said “they undermine democracy”. The billion mark is viewed as the general ballpark figure, as donations under $13k go undeclared. The opposition are looking to press the government for donation reform in the new year, but I say we’re missing out on an investment opportunity in a booming sector.

Rather than both sides stopping the flow of shady donations (please don’t), I suggest we float it on the ASX, that way we can all get rich. All we need is a snappy acronym. After all, we’re living in the future; isn’t it fair to assume that we can do things differently? The corruption market has been handled the same way for so long, but, with the country looking for the next boom, let’s get serious about lawbreaking.


Google Earth gets fancy with time-lapse, shows change over the last 30 years

First off, let me just say I feel for the guy who had to sit in space for 30 years with his finger on the record button. 30 years in space. A life’s work reduced to a plastic piece of newsfiller. At least it wasn’t in vein; it trended. Well done, you.

From the reduction of water on our surface, to the unstoppable growth of real estate, the time-lapse is quite interesting. (Even though there’s no empirical evidence to back it up, cough, Malcolm.)


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