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While you were asleep: Trump Time’s POTY, Sausages invade AACTA, Assange free


Approx Reading Time-10Morning! What happened while you were asleep? Well, Trump received an awkies award, the AACTAs were picketed and Assange was freed! (…of his charge in Sweden.)


Donald Trump named TIME’s Person of the Year, because 2016

Today is a good day. Not for Donald Trump, but for his detractors. In particular, the ones who believe that Donald is Adolf II. There may be some truth growing to the claims, as the Trump has ticked off another of Hitler’s accomplishments, being named TIME magazine’s Person of the Year.

To be fair to TIME, they bestowed Hitler the honour in 1938, which was before the full breadth of his monstrous reign was known – although he did annex Austria that year, and there was a rather unsavoury evening called Kristallnacht. Good year. Pardon me while I put my head in a car door.

The TIME awards tend to throw this up from time to time (wocka wocka) and, ironically, their choices are made awkward by the passing of their namesake. For every Mahatma Gandhi (1930), there’s a Richard Nixon (1971), so let us not be quick to retroactively judge TIME magazine…let us instead judge them in the present tense.

For choosing Donald.

Also, a slight prediction here, but we have someone in mind for ’17:


Female filmmakers storm AACTA awards as sausages, highlighting gender inequality

Last night, the red carpet was stepped upon by the sausaged feet of justice, as members of WIFT (Women in Film and Television) protested the film industry’s most auspicious evening to highlight the obvious gender imbalance the industry manifests, held in their mantra “stop the sausage party”. Pearl Tan, one of the demonstrators told The Big Smoke that “only two of 28 preselected films were made by female directors … only three in total have female protagonists”.

“Over the years I have come to realise that there are systemic issues in the industry due to unconscious bias and the myth of meritocracy,” Tan added. “People assume women aren’t producing work that is ‘good enough’, when there are actually less opportunities for them to firstly gain enough experience, and then break through with their work.”



Julian Assange WikiLeaks himself, proves innocence

Julian Assange is free. Well not free-free, he still lives in an Embassy, but it seems he is free of rape charges in Sweden, as he leaked his own text messages to prove his innocence. Which is great news, but Jules, is there a conflict of interest there? Using WikiLeaks to save WikiLeaks?




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