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While you were asleep: Voller fronts RC, NYT pans Australia, UCL draw released


Approx Reading Time-10Gah. I hate the sound of my alarm. What happened while you were asleep? Dylan Voller gave evidence at the Don Dale RC, the NYT panned our asylum seeker policy and the UCL draw was drawn.


Dylan Voller eloquently gives speech at Royal Commission, nation loses plot

For those of you playing at home, Voller was the young man who personified the treatment at the Don Dale detention centre. Strapped to a chair with a bag placed over his head, we screamed bloody outrage at the injustices he suffered through, best summed up in the ramshackle handwritten note released to the media.

Dylan’s story pushed the word “Don Dale” into the national consciousness. Part two of that story saw him represent himself at the hearings his challenges birthed.

With the Commission now adjourned, hopefully we’re one step closer to closing the issue for good.


New York Times op-ed pans offshore detention, Australia

Entitled “I am ashamed to be an Australian”, the New York Times article was penned by Australian photojournalist Ashley Gilbertson, who explains that in 20 years of photographing asylum seekers, her experience at Manus/Nauru crashes through the floor. In interviewing those whose feet are planted there, she found that:

“Many of the asylum seekers identified themselves as atheists, having given up their faith in God. Others have taken up drinking, or trading cigarettes — they receive up to three packets per week — for local marijuana. Many take sleeping pills handed out by nurses. Anything to pass the time and escape from their anguish.”

Gilbertson closes the piece by saying “When I emigrated from Australia to the United States in 2003, it was out of disgust with our refugee policies. I didn’t think it could get worse than it was then. I was wrong.”

Call it bang on, subjective, biased or heartfelt, the only certainty to be taken from this piece is that the issue of offshore detention will again rocket to the front of the national discourse, where both sides will fight to be heard over each other. I’m not asking you not to be angry, we all are on this issue, but a dialogue needs to be entered on both sides.


Champions League draw in, collective hands decimated by gleeful friction, nervous chewing

The 2016-17 edition of the Champions League has been much like those which have come before it. Fucking wonderful. Those who possess the most liquid of touch, heaviest of pockets and most manicured facial hair to the nearest millimetre need only apply. With the magic number now only a mere 16, those who are worthy shall march ever closer to the final in Wales. Which is a bit odd, incidentally. A collection of athletes with the collective GDP of France fight to the perfumed death to seek their prize: a one night stopover in Cardiff.

Not very glamorous is it? The draw lies below.

Just before I go. Sevilla v Leicester. Wow. For those who are familiar with the vicissitudes levelled upon your testicles by the Hammer of Football Manager, you will surely recognise the nature of the fortunate draw in a competition you have no business being in. (Pack your bags, Leicester.)

Also, the statue that walks and winks at himself won the most prestigious accolade in the game. He’s reduced to a footnote in this publication, because…well, the photo below will explain:


The top five #AusPol Tweets from overnight



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