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Approx Reading Time-10Morning! What happened while you were asleep? Well, positives actually. Bana was evacuated from Aleppo, we kept our AAA credit rating and a politician got a new job.


Bana, the seven-year-old who live-tweeted the shelling of Aleppo escapes her fate

As time spools past and the violent clusterfuckery that was the Aleppo situation slips into memory, we’ll need an innocent face to remind us of the dire pointlessness of it. Alongside the names Anne Frank and Phan Thị Kim Phúc, add Bana al-Abed to the pages of history. However, uncertain future aside, Bana seems to have escaped the bloodless hands of mechanised horror in Aleppo.

Bana, taking the generational fad of live-Tweeting to its darkest fringes yet, gave us a first-hand account of the reducing chances of survival, as Government forces descended onto the streets where she lived.

Of course this is cold comfort to those who didn’t make it out of Aleppo, but in a calendar year that has dealt death with brutal regularity, it’s good to see someone made it.


Australia manages to sleep on economy exam, still bags AAA result

We’ve all been there. We’ve undertaken something so beyond us, the sheer weight of it turns us to nap out of stress. And nap we do, until we wake the morning of the exam and hope it all goes well on zero preparation and a vague hope that we can somehow net a 450% mark, and therefore pass the course.

So it goes with the Australian Government, which is an important touchstone to focus on. The government, especially in this country, and especially this government, is often criticised for being out of touch, especially with the younger generation. However, their slipping of the noose and retention of their AAA credit rating (despite a notable blowout in the budget deficit) is “on fleek” as the kiddies say.

Much like the hard-nosed professor who bent to the hungover sob story manufactured on the day of the test to gain some sort of clemency, the Global Credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s awarded us leniency, but wrapped it in a warning.

Pfft. Whatever. Uni bar anyone?


Ex-Brit PM candidate becomes stock photo

To send everyone to work with a healthy dose of schadenfreude, I present you with one-time Prime Ministerial candidate Ed Miliband, who, unlike every other failed politician, has remained firmly in the public eye…as stock footage on a news piece.

You could argue that any exposure is good exposure, but I don’t believe exposure to a disease counts. Miliband, who clearly has a knack for connecting with the media, has struck once before when he tangled with the acronym of twelvies and drunks everywhere:

Perhaps it should be Yovo. You only vaccinate once.

Which sounds like an awful 007 movie. Although we do need a new Bond. Hopefully there’s a scene in the new film where he has to blow his nose. He’d knock that for six.


The top five #AusPol Tweets from overnight




Jewish House Crisis Centre and The Big Smoke are asking the community in Sydney’s CBD to let us know when you see anyone who may appear to be homeless or in need of assistance.

We will also be providing packs this Christmas Eve to Sydney’s homeless which will include an inflatable bed.

By helping us know this information, you are making a gesture to Sydney’s homeless that you see them and you care about them.


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