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While you were asleep: ISIS claim Berlin attack, NSW Transport remove vid, Diego loves Jabba


Approx Reading Time-11Morning! What happened while you were asleep? Well ISIS claimed responsibility for the Berlin attack, NSW Public Transport removed their rubbish festive vid and a things got slimy in Hollyweird.


ISIS claims responsibility for Berlin attack

The incident at a Christmas market in Berlin yesterday was imbued with seasonal optimism: a feeling of hope that it was an accident, but if not an accident, at least not terrorism; and if terrorism, at least not ISIS. Well, according to al-Amaq, our worst fears seem to have arrived at our door.

What is still not known is if the attacker worked alone. While he, or they, have the blue tick of approval from Islamic State, not much else is known. The suspect nabbed by Berlin Police has since been released due to lack of evidence. More on this as it develops.


NSW Public Transport releases festive vid then destroys all evidence

To try and explain this clusterboink in 300 words or less, for those who haven’t seen it, is like explaining Quantum Physics to toddlers. Sadly, the video that made the Commonwealth weep no longer exists, as the marketing department (a term I use lightly) have salted the earth and removed all traces of it from the Internet.


For those who didn’t witness this Christmas cracker of meta tack, it involved Santa, two elves, zero production value and a tone deaf rap about using the Opal system at Central station, replete with a festive dab. It’s a bad as it sounds. Now, in the entertainment business, there’s varying levels of bad. There’s the so bad it’s good rating, which is essentially every Jean-Claude van Damme movie; sliding down the scale there’s deliberately bad, your Tim and Eric brand of insanity, in that it’s rubbish, but they’re looking to find value in complete dross; and then frozen under three kilometers of filth be this.

Yes, it’s real.


Diego loves Jabba, galactic slug/filth merchant mute in response

Rogue One‘s Diego Luna (who I know from a movie where he drove in a car with Gael García Bernal, and they both slept with a dying woman) has ratcheted up the kink by badgering journalists on the PR trail to try and slide into the DM’s of notorious fictional slug/arms dealer/pub owner, Jabba the Hutt.

Fantastically awkward. Just for Diego’s information, Jabba’s track record with partners has not been good. He has subjected numerous women at his hip (if he has one) to wearing chains and revealing clothing, and last time I checked, he was killed by one of the aforementioned women. Diego, babe, best to push for a fictional character you can actually get.

Admiral Ackbar?


Top five #AusPol Tweets from overnight




Jewish House Crisis Centre and The Big Smoke are asking the community in Sydney’s CBD to let us know when you see anyone who may appear to be homeless or in need of assistance.

We will also be providing packs this Christmas Eve to Sydney’s homeless which will include an inflatable bed.

By helping us know this information, you are making a gesture to Sydney’s homeless that you see them and you care about them.


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