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While you were asleep: Berlin suspect named, One Nation’s new candidate, our laconic national hero

Approx Reading Time-10Morning all! What happened while you were asleep? Well, we now know the name of the Berlin attacker, One Nation has a brand new confusing candidate, and a security guard caught a ball and we officially lost it.


German police add name to suspect for Berlin attack, still at large

Add the name Anis Amri, carve it high and long. In a matter befitting the wild west(ern Europe), German prosecutors have knocked up a wanted poster and offered the astronomical award of 100,000 Euros ($12 AUD) for information leading to his capture.

One can assume a very efficient manhunt is underway in Germany, as the law believe that Amri is wounded, alongside the class suffix of “armed and dangerous”.


One Nation candidate Shan Ju Lin claims that “good asians” will vote for her, Internet responds

Racism comes in many forms, wears many faces and speaks in many a language. Consider then the platitudes uttered by One Nation’s latest candidate, who divided the lines between “good” and “bad” on the basis of their proclivity to vote for her new party. But it is indeed a party that rages on a school night, as the music has since turned poor, and the volume of the conversation turned violent, and all the way up to eleven.

The Internet responded dutifully in a matter you’d expect, with the cynical lols.


Man paid to sit in plastic chair at cricket catches cricket ball, hero to millions

As a long standing fan of cricket, you’re constantly on the back foot (cricket reference, ya gettit?), fielding criticism from those who find it “boring”. Boring is the operative term, but let me tell you this, it’s not, because this security guard bloke caught a ball when it was perfectly okay for him to do so.

You see that? Not a fan. Not a player. Someone who works for the stadium caught the ball, and did so in such an exciting fashion, that indeed is exciting.

For fucks sake, can 2016 just be over already?


Top five #AusPol Tweets from overnight 




Jewish House Crisis Centre and The Big Smoke are asking the community in Sydney’s CBD to let us know when you see anyone who may appear to be homeless or in need of assistance.

We will also be providing packs this Christmas Eve to Sydney’s homeless which will include an inflatable bed.

By helping us know this information, you are making a gesture to Sydney’s homeless that you see them and you care about them.


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