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While you were asleep: Prince calls for peace, Trailer loses Cruise control, Snow falls on Africa


Approx Reading Time-10Friday! Woo. I’m going to celebrate by going back to bed. What happened while you were asleep? Well, Prince Charles called for understanding, a trailer was received well on the Net and snow fell on the Sahara.


Prince Charles calls for united chrimbo empathy, forgets Imperialistic past. Awkies.

I agree. The message is important. The one where Prince Charles called for all peoples to respect other peoples regardless of religious preference this Christmas. Timely, wonderful and important, yes. But the context is a real teeth dryer.

But the man dithering into the microphone makes the message somewhat problematic, as the man is a Prince. Not the fun, “son of oil money with hubristic gold plated Lamborghini, Instagram sleaze” Prince. Rather, the one that hailed from the British Empire. You know, the one who, due to their ignorance of other people’s religions and insistence of anglo-Saxon superiority over all others, made it possible to have afternoon tea anywhere on this watery orb?

Empires fall and change (and we all love afternoon tea) but it’s a bit pot-kettle-black. So, my fair morning people – take the message, and not the man.



Trailer gets released for movie with incorrect soundtrack, Internet completely understands.

Well, sort of. That’s a “well, sort of” as in “yeah, not at all”. The latest Tom Cruise vehicle (which sounds like it should have it’s bumper whitened and headlights that follow you around the room, replete with a snickering horn and hood ornament awkwardly in the middle of the bonnet), The Mummy, hit the cinematic shores of the commonwealth earlier today, with an incomplete soundtrack.

As the battle station’s klaxon was roundly sung, those in charge promptly pulled all copies and rang the lawyers, however the cretins of the Internet did their own tribute, which made it all the more enduring.



Snow falls on Sahara for the first time in a long while, Editor butchers 80’s classic

As the prog-rock-pop-rock wizards Toto once almost said: “I wish for snow down in the Sub-Sahara”.

Well, the wish that I made up has come to pass in the now frosty sandy peaks of the world’s most notably deserty place. The snow fell on a small village in Algeria (which sounds like a band that also brews it’s own single origin coffee) which surely would have featured the tired movie trope of the local wino drinking from the bottle, looking at the snow, then pouring out the wine in a confused fashion.

Waffling aside, the pictures are enduringly beautiful. Like God above has mixed his yoghurt into his butter chicken. Global warming can be a great thing!

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The top five #AusPol Tweets from overnight




Jewish House Crisis Centre and The Big Smoke are asking the community in Sydney’s CBD to let us know when you see anyone who may appear to be homeless or in need of assistance.

We will also be providing packs this Christmas Eve to Sydney’s homeless which will include an inflatable bed.

By helping us know this information, you are making a gesture to Sydney’s homeless that you see them and you care about them.


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