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Study: 68% of parents clueless about kids’ jobs, resident nan agrees

Approx Reading Time-10A recent study discovered that a large percentage of parents had no idea what their kids do for a job. And I agree. But I don’t like its tone.


Picture me as a guinea pig which was poked with a stick to prove a scientific hypothesis. The one in the lab coat was my grandson, who lazily queried me over a flying lunch (though he knew what my answer was). Apparently, 68% of parents do not know what their progeny do for work, and what did I think about it? Well, for someone who has spent the last decade of social entanglements attempting to answer the question “what’s Mathew doing” I can squeak an absolute yes.

I don’t want this to degenerate into a baby boomer complaint about the kids, but it’s something that you’ve put us all through, you kids. The societal vicissitudes your behaviour wreaks, to use your lingo is “real”. Blank eyes and shrugged shoulders as we try to extrapolate your vague glum instructions on a position that has not existed in human history previous but now stands as massively important. It’s a side of social awkwardness you’re not there to see. If you were you’d be able to explain. Sarcastically. I mean we’re all proud of our kids, and our grandkids, and make no mistake, social engagements past a certain age becomes solely about who has the larger…achievement. The problem lies in the confusing nature of the brag. We’re proud, but we’re not sure of what exactly.

I don’t believe the issue lies within the generation gap, or that the jobs of today do not have merit. While you may roll your eyes at our confusion regarding your plum social media management role, you could just explain the job sans lingo.

That being said, I disagree with the tone of the study undertaken by LinkedIn, who found the reason was that we don’t understand because we just don’t get it. Seemingly, the future is beyond us oldies. The study listed jobs that are apparently too hard for our ancient craniums, such as Sub Editors, Radio Producers or the humble Data Scientist, as we knew nothing of science, or the radio. Or newspapers. Right. The study corralled 16,000 parents across both oceans, which for me proves a point; stupidity is not the sole possession of any one nation, or age group.

As for the problem at hand, I don’t believe that the issue lies within the generation gap, or that the present day eradicates the past, or that the jobs of today do not have merit. But mark my words, and I’ll be long gone when you grasp my understanding, but confusion comes to us all.

So, millennials, while you may roll your eyes at our confusion regarding your plum social media management role, know that we, the dead will laugh last when the table eventually turns.

That or you could just explain the job to us sans the lingo, as we’ve been through the same pickle with our parents.


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