How business leaders tackle the new year

Approx Reading Time-10The first workday of the year is upon us. In order to help ease us into it, we’ve asked some business leaders for inspiration.


With most of us back to work this week, The Big Smoke asked a few leaders in business how they tackle the new year.


Taryn Williams,

therightfit-and-wink-models-taryn-williams-640x332I write a Christmas letter to my close family and friends listing out all the things I will do by the end of the coming year. This includes my major achievements, personal and professional. For example, “This year I will go on two fantastic overseas holidays to *insert dream destination*” or “We will raise another round of capital”.  It puts me in the mindset of making the goals achievable!


Alan Whitehead, Premier Partners Finance

215689_6258027369_1664_nThe reality is that I didn’t take much time out at all. I was working at least six hours a day every day except Christmas Day. I had to prepare my quite large data base for a marketing program that will start in about a week’s time! The focus will be to continue to recommend the best products with exceptional service; communicate regularly with existing clients; and encourage others to experience its skills and knowledge.


businessPhilippa Lewis, Elemetum Advisory

A year of global disruption is passing away with what seems like a fizzle. How will I formulate my year around this new, discombobulated world? No time for resolutions because the disruption cycle is underway. Will old rules apply or shall I go with the flow? Depends on the flow.



Darren Woolley, Trinity P3

We close for the two weeks over the holiday season and while I use this time to focus on all of the things that are often compromised during the year, like jobs around the home and time with family, I subconsciously review the past year and have ideas for the year ahead. Then I return to work refreshed and full of ideas and plans to share with the management team.


patrice-pandeleos_photoPatrice Pandeleos, Seven Communications

I create a vision board of what success looks like for the year ahead and keep it on my desk to keep me focused each day.


Paul Dovas, Adatos

businessI try to maintain the momentum generated throughout the year into the new year, but it’s hard to avoid the screech with which the holiday season brings proceedings to a halt. As a result, I use the free time available to learn something new that I can incorporate into the business which will improve my competitiveness.


businessAleksandar Svetski, iRecruit

I always start my new year by doing something I wouldn’t normally have done in the previous year, that’s in line with what I need to do this year.


Sharon Zeeve Poole, Agent99 PR

images-2Solid time away from the business (minimum 2-3 weeks) is really healthy before starting a new year. It gives you perspective again. I then find a spot that’s inspirational, whether it’s beachy, or one with an incredible view, or a café that plays great music; it allows me to reflect on the past year and map out my key goals for the business, my team and me personally. I then present my vision to the team when we start the year and it really focusses all of us on a successful year ahead.

John Scutt, Lindfield Partners

john-sEach year I like to review the lessons learned in the past 12 months, touch base with my clients and colleagues to get a feeling on how they are thinking about the year ahead. The current business environment is volatile and this requires more than a steady as she goes approach. At Lindfield we will look to close a number of important prospects and to refocus on giving the best customer service we can to our existing client ase. Oh and one other thing we do is write down our business goals for 2017 and check off the goals achieved for 2016.



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