While you were asleep: POTUS’ first meme, Hackers reference 80s, Boon now history

Approx Reading Time-11Sweet, painful Monday. What happened while you were asleep? Well, the first meme of the Trump administration occurred and we were zapped back to 1989, here and abroad. Oh, joy.


First meme of the Trump administration rolls out, eyes of electorate.

Well, this is important. Not as important as the vastly important #WomensMarch, but for an administration that was birthed on the meme, this is its baby steps. (Naw, grab the camera.) The recipient of this historic footnote is Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer after he falsely trumpeted (…) a false fact about the false reporting of numbers attending the inauguration. Side note, I’m sick of typing that word.

What forced it into kicking, screaming existence was Spicer’s repeated assurance that his facts were facts, and he was prepared to full stop it. Because he was serious. Period.


Hacker group targets the New York Times, references the 1980’s.

As whoever says it, the classics are timeless. And there’s nothing more classic than a millennial with a computer referencing a time gone by – particularly a time they weren’t around for to begin with. Hacker group OurMine has chiselled the electronic lock off the door at The Times etching a tweet that stated “Putin says: Russia will attack the United States with missiles”.

Three things. 1) In the age of fake news, breaking into a complex system to make something up seems a bit…pointless – especially after PizzaGate; 2) no-one would believe it, as everyone knows that Putin wouldn’t bomb bae’s house; and 3) it’s been done:


David Boon to make Hall of Fame, for all the wrong reasons.

David Boon, the only walrus to play Test Cricket for Australia, is set to be honoured by the gods of cricketing administration by being cast in bronze to forever live in cricket’s hall of fame (a process, which after some trite Googling does not literally involve that…shame). Walking alongside Boon in the dusty halls of stuffy respect is Betty Wilson, a pioneer for the women’s game, and BBQ virtuoso/Australia’s greatest living Banjo Patterson impersonator, a man known only as “Haydos”

However, we here at TBS Towers (or at least our embittered/drunkard sports desk) feel that honouring Boon for his cricketing prowess is not how we should remember him, and yes, it’s been spoken about to death, but a visit to Boontown requires a quick photo in front of this well worn point of interest.

What I’m babbling about is of course a record that still stands tall in annals, not just in the sporting world, but perhaps the rest of it: Boon’s 1989 record of necking 52 beers on a flight between Sydney and London, eclipsing the record set by another swashbuckling batsman/peerless imbiber, the great Doug Walters.

According to “witness”, Dean Jones, he was awoken from his slumber by “loud applause and the announcement from the plane’s captain that Boon had reached 52”.

Oh, the past.

Let’s never go back.


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