Approx Reading Time-11Thanks to our client iFLYflat, you can kiss flying economy goodbye forever at the terminal. Hello, business class.


We all know that feeling of anticipation well. You’re packed, you’ve successfully negotiated traffic, have itinerary in hand and have arrived at the international terminal for check-in. The relief of being both on-time and remembering your passport is suddenly replaced by lament as you join the economy class queue to witness the “apparent” elite flow seamlessly through the first and business class lanes, smiling all the way as they’re handed their Express Lane cards and Lounge invitations.

After passing time wandering around the shops and eating overpriced fast food, you’re almost reunited at the boarding gate with the leisurely parade of elites who, engrossed in carefree banter, descend the escalators from their champagne breakfasts, file straight past you to board the aircraft and turn left towards the pointy end of the plane.

You and your herd of economy class companions are then invited to present your boarding passes and, if you’re lucky, be treated to another dose of reality if you’re forced to walk through the business class cabin, observing its patrons sipping on yet more champagne and OJ as they snuggle into their flying thrones while you proceed to the back of the plane, noting the seats, service and welcoming smiles diminish as you go.

If you’ve ever flown economy, aptly termed “Y” Class, and asked yourself “Y”, then could just be your ticket.

1459344021494Founder and former Macquarie Bank accountant Steve Hui, aka The Points Whisper, created the iFLYflat consultancy service to assist businesses in earning more points with money they are already spending on business needs such as supplies, services, operating expenses, travel and even taxes, and converting them into luxury travel. He rightly claimed that many businesses were failing to earn their fair share of frequent flyer and credit card points by using EFT, cheques and cash transactions for their business expenses, and developed iFLYflat to counter this effect.

Hui tells me their three most commonly asked questions from the curious are:

What is the benefit of using points?
Use points to redeem and fly business class to Europe for less than $3,000 rather than the normal airfare of $8,000+, saving over $5,000 each trip, allowing you to travel more often, for cheaper.

How many points do I need to fly?
The best value is to use points to fly business class rather than economy. To fly business class to Europe in the above example will require between 161,500 to 278,000 points (depending on the frequent flyer program). To fly economy class will require about half the points, between 80,750 to 150,000, swapping points for an airfare worth just $2,000 – getting only about a quarter of the value of a business class airfare. Financially, using points for business class is the smartest.

How much do I need to spend to earn these points?
Roughly every $1 on a credit card will earn about 1 point, so a business switching regular bills towards the right rewards card of $200,000 per year ($16,600/mth) can earn enough points for their own business class holiday to Europe each year, saving over $5,000 on flights, all by paying the bills they have to pay, just a little bit smarter. The more you transact, the more points and flights you will earn.

While the company’s website appears to make some lofty claims, they also appear to be backed by actual experiences of real clients – enough to gauge the interest of the average business owner with an interest in travel.

Just a sprinkling of such noteworthy praise came from Alison Christensen of Power Machinery Australia, with “I joined iFLYflat because I wanted to maximise our points building up through work expenses. We have been able to do so much more than we first expected, being able to take a family holiday to America on points. You guys are terrific!”

And from Steven Mazabow of IP Trading, “I was quite sceptical about what was being offered as I have been doing my own bookings for years and didn’t think anyone could do better. But I was totally incorrect and the iFLYflat team totally rocks. I have retired from doing my own bookings. I was also locked into a mindset of using only one frequent flyer program for my points and found that limiting. The iFLYflat team has completely changed that and I have access to so much more.”

The majority of Hui’s clients started unaware that they had the spending power or the points to get value; now they are hooked on how easy it is to earn points and to fly without the pain of finding their own seats.

The one thing that Hui stressed as the key to success when using points, is that most people have little clue as to how many points they already have, or the potential to earn them cheaply.

First, do a stocktake of how many points there are in your various frequent flyer programs and credit cards, as you may already have enough points for a few trips.

Second, take a look at your P&L for your expenses each month on non-wage expenses – this is the potential for you to use cards to earn points for “discounted” business class trips.

The service operates from a two-pronged approach; their “Points Concierge Flight Finder & Booking Service” which alleviates clients of the time and hassle in searching for and booking flights, and their “Points Advisory Audit and Membership” arm.

For those keen to make 2017 work for you, contact iFLYflat today. A dedicated consultant will be able to look at your current needs and ultimately make sure you are getting the best reward cards and frequent flyer programs possible. Savvy travellers are already aware that a new year means new rewards with iFLYflat.

Check out IflyFlat today!

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