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Gen X beyond millennials in social media addiction

Approx Reading Time-10Well. It seems that we, Gen X are substantially more addicted to social media than our millennial contemporaries. Bugger it.


I walk these crooked sunburnt streets, the boulevards of my youth; familiar landscapes, twisted by a fact proven in my mind, backed up by people I’ve never met. I know that we, my generation, have lost. And we’ve lost to the school of vacuous goldfish with which time has seen fit to replace us. Worst of all, we’ve lost within the coliseum that we built to keep them in: social media.

We’ve extinguished the bonfire of angst-addled plaid-shirted shoulders, our middle fingered rebellious antagonism replaced with vanilla, thumb-driven social conformity. But while we may have avoided disco, we’re set to endure an even more vicious reverse, as we’ve become even more addicted to social media than our millennial progeny – a fact proven by a collective of transatlantic bean counters.

How did we get so far?

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According to their recently released 2016 Social Media Report, Nielsen has found that we, our cabal, Generation X, have topped the ladder for time spent (specifically: 6 hours and 58 minutes a week) lost among social media. However, I contend that there are gaps in the data, for I personally total that in a day. Easily. And a close friend of mine is known to game in one hand and chat with the other. He confided in me that he has conversations with his squeeze entirely via social media while they sit adjacent on their couch. Nielsen’s study also addressed this phenomena, stapling the label “second screening”: the act of watching a program whilst also using a device to access Facebook or Twitter.

So what is there to be done? Do we down tools in protest? A universal movement back toward our roots?

Absolutely not. Our kind invented social media – we enabled the creation of the technology that cripples us today. Therefore, I say: we own it. There’s no excuse to not grow those numbers further…to something historic. Something we can all be proud of. As the man who ran the study, Mr Sean Casey said in justification of his tabulations: “At a time when we wanted to be connected, it came out right when we were at the top of our media consumption … It’s become second nature to our generation.”

Let us show these kids how we adults escape our responsibilities.

Chin chin.


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