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Approx Reading Time-8It wouldn’t be remiss to call it a new low. The same day our PM was called “Trumble”, we discovered that we should “Tuck Frump”. Dearie doo.


Well, it’s a banner day for spoonerisms and politically pettiness. Mark the date, roll out the barrel and set your eyebrows to apathy because the standards of political behaviour just crashed through the floor, after imbibing Pa’s stash of “special occasion” ‘shine in one stoic belt.

The Shaggy to Trump’s Scooby, Press Secretary Sean Spicer, reiterated the importance of our alliance with the US by calling our PM Malcolm Trumble:

We’ve paid them back in kind, with a very adult game of one-upmanship, as it was revealed that a Turnbull staffer was suspended for publishing an anti-Trump, pro-lulz post which held a novelty t-shirt that asked us all to “Tuck Frump”, wocka wocka.

Here it is in trucker hat form, for the discerning critic:



According to Buzzfeed, the employee was suspended and the post deleted. Of course, this is brutally brilliant timing for the media to get hold of it, which proves that under the Trumble government we are in a serious levity deficit – although the mind reels at the staggering possibilities of this stunt happening under the control of liquid lunch enthusiast Bob Hawke.

He presumably would have had it printed on the side of the Harbour Bridge before cackling his staccato giggle.

Perhaps we all should.


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