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About Tony Barber

Tony Barber OAM is an English-born Australian television game show host. He is a Gold Logie winning television personality, and was Host for the Grundy daytime show “Temptation”, “Family Feud” and all the way through to eleven years with “Sale of the Century”.

TBS Boomers: A chat with Tony Barber

Approx Reading Time-8Today we launch a brand-new section, TBS Boomers – a voice to the Baby Boomers of this land. To kick things off, we spoke with Australian television icon Tony Barber about the importance of luck, and what sage advice he’d give the teenage Tony.




TBS: Hello, Mr Barber. What do you think is the key factor in the longevity of your career?

Tony Barber: I was never a teenage idol. My following from the first was adult, mature. 18-100.


Who do you consider the most intriguing public figure to watch at the moment?

In a sinister way, Donald Trump.


What is the one thing you think hasn’t really changed over the last 30 years, either socially or politically?



What advice would you give a 15-year-old Tony Barber?

Study more.


What has been the biggest lesson you have learnt about friendship over your career?

Nice to make new ones. Hang on to the old.


What is one thing from your youth that you wish was still cool in 2017?

Drive-in movies.


What has been the one saying that has kept you motivated during any low points?

It’ll be better tomorrow.


What was the worst thing you did as a teenager, knowing that you can’t be convicted now?

I once walked out of a movie because my then-date rejected smooching attempts.


What is your take on the modern day commercial TV in Australia landscape?

I thank the Lord I had the bulk and peak of my career in the Golden Age of free to air. The 80s. Pre-cable. Pre-Netflix. Pre bulk computer use. Now it’s budgets down, salaries down; all because ad budgets are more spread.


Do you believe you will live to see another Carlton flag?

I sure hope so. They have a good young list. May need to hang on for a couple of years.


TBS Boomers is a section of The Big Smoke dedicated to voicing the concerns, observations and wisdom of those who have seen it all before. If you have a burning issue that needs to be voiced, please contact TBS Boomers Editor Mike Welsh at [email protected]

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