While you were asleep: Trump invents terror, Darwin remembers bombing, Duterte enlists army

Approx Reading Time-10Well, not bad for a Monday. We had Trump inventing a terror attack and the Internet biting back, Darwin celebrated the 75th anniversary of it being bombed and Rodrigo Duterte went off the deep end. Again.




Trump manufactures fictional Swedish terror attack, Internet gets cynical.

Taking a leaf from the Brent School of Management, Donald Trump has seemingly, well, trumped (soz) Kellyanne Conway’s Bowling Green massacre, by creating fictional bloodshed in the lovely nation of Sweden. To be fair, there was a terrorist attack, although it was in Sehwan, a city in Pakistan.

Rallying behind the hashtag #LastNightInSweden, those with quick wit and educated fingers in which to photoshop did so, speculating on who was behind the awful crime that sort-of-did-not-at-all-happen.

Je suis Sverige.



Darwin celebrates diamond jubilee of being bombed by Imperial Japan, Cosgrove reaches for sabre, metaphor.

Being a pseudo-local, I know that there are two things that Darwinians reference ad nauseam: Cyclone Tracy and the bombing of Darwin. Not just in passing conversation, but in the themes of tourist traps or vista carved long into stubby holders, and the landscape that half-arsed pillboxes are tattooed into on the beachside cliffs I walk my dog past. Yesterday, it was the turn of the latter, a day best personified by Basil Stahl, 94, who remembers the day thusly:

“I was sitting on the edge of the slip trench with sandbags on it about to have my morning tea and coffee and they bloody flew over, and that upset my coffee, I didn’t have my coffee that morning,”

Levity aside, the bombing of Darwin is indelibly linked to the next generation, as it remains an important part of the curriculum in the top end. As the kids will tell you, the sinking of the USS Peary remains the greatest loss of life the US Navy suffered in Australian waters, a point reinforced by our Governor-General Peter Cosgrove, who saw the sinking of the Peary as a great metaphor for the resilience of the US/Australia military alliance, one forced in collective loss.


Duterte enlists military for war against drugs, promises not to use them.

In actual bloodshed news, the man with many nicknames, Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte, has endeavoured to crank up his anti-drug campaign to a Michael Bay level of sensitivity, with the news that the army will link forces with the existing anti-drug administration by ways of a “battalion” sized task-force to eradicate A-level targets.

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief general Eduardo Ano said the military was “ready to operate” with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), numbering the force anywhere between 500 and 5,000 operatives, depending on the severity of the threat/the breaks. However, the troops’ boots will not meet the pavement, as the militaristic might will “not for social control but protection (for) the citizens from the lawless, the reckless, and the selfish.”

It should be mentioned that the campaign, at the hands of the police, has removed (aka killed) 7,700 antagonists, and the method of tabulating that number has drawn the ire from Western nations, namely those not keen on government sanctioned extra-judicial killings.


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