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While you were asleep: Kim murder gets weirder, world’s first transgender doll, Ramsay rates food Tweets

Approx Reading Time-10We’re heading beyond humpday to the end of the week at last. What happened while you were asleep? Well, Kim Jong-nam’s death took on a life of its own, we met our first transgender doll, and Gordon Ramsay yelled a lot, through the magic of Twitter.




Investigation into Kim assassination gets weirder. Or even weirder, rather.

Well, for an assassination that was already strange, what with the elimination of a notorious, excommunicated ex-diplomat from a secretive, single party state, apparently being the kind of thing you’d do on a game show, things have now gone to a level five – that’s a modern reboot of a ’90s Australian game show level of tack, with a spot o’ grave robbing.

According to Reuters, the next episode of South East Asia’s Next Top Ex-Diplomat has a challenge where contestants have to break into a mortuary, with those teams caught ineligible for immunity in next week’s elimination episode, sending two contestants back home. To Jesus. Moving swiftly onto the facts, and away from the image of a Korean George Calombaris as he judges the taste of a paralysis-inducing poison and telling a nervous contestant exactly where they went wrong:

The investigation of Kim Jong-nam’s murder by the Malaysian constabulary is now turning toward Pyongyang, with the chief of police, Khalid Abu Bakar, looking to wrangle two men back to the station for a “chat”. Both men are diplomats, one linked with the state-run airline, the other a high-level embassy official.

Perhaps enacting his own CSI fantasies, Mr Bakar coolly popped on his sunglasses (source needed), turning his shoulders away from the jostling media scrum (source needed), and said that while he knew who broke into the morgue, there is “no need for me to tell you”.

Cue the music.

Actually, don’t.


Jazz, the first doll based on a transgender teen goes on sale.

In ultra-positive, non-death related news, a US company has released a doll inspired by trans teen inspiration Jazz Jennings. The non-doll version of Jazz has garnered quite a following, as she is apparently one of the youngest people to be documented as transgender.

Robert Tonner, the founder of the toy company behind the doll, said of Jennings: “Jazz stands for everything I respect from a human nature point of view. She’s incredibly brave, intelligent, warmhearted and creative.”

Allow us to extended a stoic, meaningful thumbs up in the direction of both Tonner and Jazz, for, well done them.


Gordon Ramsay takes to Twitter to judge his followers’ home cooking attempts.

Notable linguist and self-control enthusiast Gordon Ramsay has seemingly taken time out of his busy schedule in bollocking restauranteurs, to wreak the same treatment on those foolhardy enough to send the man evidence of their culinary abortions. Yes, it was hilarious, but somehow, without his usual wingman of the cursing buzzer (and his full-body expression of reddening disappointment, spraying saliva and criticism, like a weak-bladdered tomcat not long for this world), it just wasn’t the same.

Saying that, here is an aperitif of our favourites.

He seems to have mellowed substantially from our last meeting…which was on the couch of a rental house back in 2010. Well, for old time’s sake:

God, that show was ridiculous.


Top five Tweets from overnight:

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