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A printer by trade, Steve Pettaras founded one of Australia’s most awarded print organisations. Steve’s passion for fitness and wellbeing led him to become a certified personal trainer, back in the 1990’s also a 1st Dan black belt in taekwondo and competitive kart/ race car driver competing throughout Australia for many years. Steve was a finalist in the eastern region for the 2005 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year awards for being the first in Australia to produce an alkaline water that didn't contain bicarbonate. Married to wife and Director of Alka Power, Rebecca, the pair work together to drive the success of their unique alkaline water business, Alka Power and raise their two young daughters, Grace and Ruby.

Meet a CEO: Steve Pettaras of Alka Power

Approx Reading Time-10We spoke with Steve Pettaras, the scientific mind behind Australia’s premier alkaline water product Alka Power about the misconceptions in the bottled water market, and how success doesn’t guarantee safety.




Hi, Steve. Can you please tell The Big Smoke audience about your background, and how you came to launch Alka Power in the Australian market?

My Background was in printing. Although I had an extremely successful business I could see the printing industry was going to be effected by the growth in the digital market.


What was it about this product that compelled you to get involved?

I had been working 24/7 and I was suffering from serious fatigue. A friend of mine introduced me to alkaline water and it helped but I couldn’t stomach the chalky after taste. I started researching on the Internet and could see that it’s all about the pH value and the types of minerals that raise the pH. I came across Alka Power as a real point of difference as the development of this alkaline water was invented by Korean biochemist Dr Randy Park, who took a number of years to perfect Alka Power. Through a friend of mine in the states he sent a number of cases for both my wife and me, and when we opened the first bottle to drink we knew straight away that this was miles ahead of any other alkaline water in the market. Once my wife and I started to drink Alka Power we began to feel more energy and a lot more motivated, as well as light on our feet.

I continued more research into alkalinity and found some pretty amazing things when you alkalise your body, because an alkaline body is more resistant to diseases which are caused by acidity.


Alka Power

If you could clarify one misconception about your product, what would it be?

Ignorance of the benefits of alkaline water has generated misleading claims from some competitors in the bottled water market. All alkaline water in the Australian market contains high amounts of bicarbonate and profess to have pH levels around 8.

These alkaline water products have an unstable pH and inactive minerals. Your kidneys produce bicarbonate naturally. Drinking too much of these types of waters can overload your kidneys. Alka Power’s alkalinity is sourced from marine based minerals. Alka Power also has a stable pH9-10 and active ionic minerals.

We are the first only alkaline water with these unique offerings.


How does a normal day look for the Alka Power team?

I am very active with a hands-on approach every day. This goes the same for my wife. From early morning, I monitor social media then check our bottling facility as every run is tested and quality controlled. I personally make deliveries to a number of retailers as I value feedback from them and their customers.

My wife and I do in-store demonstrations as we like to communicate and educate consumers. It gives us great satisfaction when a customer goes on our social media and shares their positive experiences, like when Alka Power has given them relief from symptoms such as gout, reflux, gut issues or the aftermath from chemotherapy.

We are also proud to have Alka Power on the shelves of Woolworths and Go Vita throughout Australia, and proudly display the Australian made logo.


What has been the most exciting part about watching the brand grow in Australia?

Knowing we have Australia’s first unique premium alkaline water that is providing respite for those people with certain health issues as well as superior hydration and absorption qualities. We have made a tremendous difference by educating consumers about the power of alkalinity.


If you could give any advice to other entrepreneurs, what would it be?

“An entrepreneur uses his brain to create an idea, then works tirelessly to build it”, as “with success comes the sharks”.

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