Poker: Why do I choose this for a living?

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The world of poker is a strange place, one where great elation and great tragedy walk hand-in-hand through the busy intersection of chance and fate. But what of those who play it for a living? 


As the Prophet Kenneth spoketh, it behoves one to know when one must possess thy fate, and when one must not. The international poker circuit is that truism enabled by anabolic assistance. Watching it is unlike anything else, entirely. Call it schadenfreude, call it edutainment, as a microcosm of western society, it has no equal.

But what of the odds? While the house always wins, we don’t know what end date is on the lease. One man has crunched the data and in this new episode of Pretty Good from the lords at SB Nation, accurately describes the seven circles of poker hell, and those poor, unfortunate cash-heavy victims that scale its wall.


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