Oscars: Warren Beatty stooges Hollywood, Viola Davis joins exclusive company

Approx Reading Time-10Well, the Oscars were god-awful until Warren Beatty gave the Best Picture award to the wrong movie. What else did you miss? Well…quite a bit.




Warren Beatty gets one back on Hollywood, denies Best Picture Oscar to a movie about Hollywood.

Well, shit. It was a terrible Oscars, but it became one of the best. Hollywood wheeled out notable antique Warren Beatty to read out the Best Picture award in honour of the 50th anniversary of Bonnie & Clyde, and so it goes, the winner was La La Land. And then this whole thing happened:

Safe to say the correct movie won, but what a fashion to earn it. Strueth. As one Internet commentator noted: “Warren Beatty fucked every woman in Hollywood, now he’s trying to fuck the #Oscars”.  To prove it, Beatty held up the card he read, which was this:


Viola Davis the first black woman to win the acting Triple Crown.

Swimming against the tide of laboured punchlines and dud notes was a moment of true beauty. Fences star Viola Davis stepped off the stage, and into the crystalline halls of immortality, the latest number of the exclusive “Triple Crown” club, whose members have won an Oscar, a Tony and an Emmy. Davis is the 23rd such person to pull off the feat, joining such excoriating talent as Frances McDormand, Geoffrey Rush, Maggie Smith and Al Pacino.

However, it is notable that she has surpassed her great master and enduring inspiration, Meryl Streep, who for some reason has not achieved the award. Presumably, because the Streeper doesn’t meaningfully touch television.

It matters not.

Viola Davis, you are a star.



Kimmel bombs, trolls Trump, feuds with Matt Damon.

The Big Smoke was fortunate enough to have Nan (read: Gay Mackie, grandmother of Editor-in-Chief, Mathew Mackie) live-tweet the ceremony over on Twitter, and she wasn’t particularly taken by Mr Kimmel’s performance:

The most minute of saving graces came with Kimmel pushing his fake fued with Matt Damon to greater, more hilarious levels, conducting the orchestra to play off Damon while presenting an award.


The real winner was death. A banner year, most memorable post-mortem in recent history.

What a great year to have died. If there is a heaven, whatever it looks like, the bus to the great afterparty in the sky must have been a real belter. Carrie Fisher, John Hurt, Gene Wilder, pick your dead genius. Soundtracked to Joni Mitchell’s From both sides now. Worth noting the great Bill Paxton’s absence, primarily because the compilation had already been cut together prior to his passing, but as the great man would say:

To close, it was a pleasure to have Nan controlling the live-tweet.

As her grandson said this afternoon: “It means a lot to be able to display her insanity in a medium that lasts forever.” Classy.



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