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While you were asleep: US backs Trump, Brandis’ amnesia worsens, A-League expansion off


Approx Reading Time-11O, Humpday. What happened while you were asleep? Well, the US people defended their President, George Brandis forgot important stuff, and the A-League expansion is off for the moment.




Wall Street Journal poll discovers US citizens believe that the media is bullying Trump, sky falls in.

Now. There’s nothing that loosens my top button faster and raises my eyebrow swifter than good, hard data. Especially when that data rolls blithely into my bedroom, and tells me that I’ve been a very naughty boy with my vast assumptions, before showing me ev-er-y-thing. Phwoar, I would. Apologies for all the breakfasts I may have ruined, but hear this: overnight, the Wall Street Journal released the results of a poll they conducted in partnership with the NBC to gauge the general vibe of the Trump administration. The reading is rather salacious indeed.

Exhibit A:

Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal

If the Hollandaise has dripped from your spoon and now lives on your shirt, that’s a fair response. With the US media leading the clearest opposition to DT, it seems that they are doing so in resistance to popular opinion. It’s worthy to note that this wasn’t tabulated in conservative paradise of Breitbart or on the white shores of Infowars, this was done by the MSM establishment. Now, chart number two references the first:


Wall Street Journal

So, just to recap. Trump change = good. And now I’m sad. As our US political analyst pointed out to me in rushed, excitable sentences last evening, the figures represent something obvious, but rather important: “the media best change course, as they’re losing the war.”


Curious George and the Old Hat legal defence, democracy manifests in shouty verbal puglism.

Ah, a true classic. For a priceless antique, the “I don’t remember” defence is one that doesn’t judge. The latest exponent of such a defence (supplanting the previous reign of my dog, after I asked her if she knew who shat on the floor) is our much-vaunted and vastly-maligned AG, Georgie B. Fronting the estimates committee, which I’d imagine is akin to a regular knee to the rattlers, Mr Brandis again refused to admit a connection between himself and the clawing of $1B back from the now-deceased Bell Group.

Mr Brandis agreed with the comments made by the WA AG apropos to the timeframe, problem is, this was an entire month earlier than Team GB said to the estimates committee back in December. In response to that connection being made, Mr Brandis stated: “I accept, or at least I don’t dispute, that Mr Mischin records a brief exchange sometime in February, which I do not recall and for the reasons I’ve already explained.”

Or in layman’s:

After that, it just went a bit…well, shouty. Dads, please. Stop fighting.


FFA dismisses expansion talk, claims that it would “bankrupt” A-League.

According to the two highest minds of football in this country, an expansion of the league, in the current financial climate (read: ownership model, and revenue), would be terminal. With that in mind, FFA Chairman Steven Lowy and chief executive David Gallop are discussing the borders of a new deal with the current A-league chairmen. Essentially what is on the table, is nothing. The FFA has closed its lucrative television deal ($57 million per year), but will not budge on the agreed upon date of expansion of 2018 and beyond. So, ostensibly. Deal first, then they deal.

Gallop defended his decision, stating: “We recently advised the clubs that we must explore a new model for the A-League/W-League. We agree that we need to protect the value of the existing licences in which the current owners have invested”.

Personally, I’m stuck between two schools of thought. The growth of the game in this country has been meteoric, but we’ve plateaued recently, while the uber money Chinese clubs (e.g., Shanghai Shenhua paying Carlos Tevez $142,183 per day) has shifted horizons exponentially beyond us. As Fran Drescher taught us: money talks, and  walks. So, the danger is that we’ll be swiftly left behind, and more importantly, left behind in the Asian Champions League and all that glitters within.

That being said, I’ve been a football fan in this country for a long time, and I remember the hideous death rattle of the bloated old NSL. A once-proud competition beset by waning numbers, the final pillow over the face was held by the hands of rash, hollow expansion.

Shout out to the Gippsland Falcons.



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