While you were asleep: Uber CEO abuses Uber, Sydney’s summer heat record, Rugby’s first all-female panel

Approx Reading Time-10Sweet, loving Thursday. What happened while you were asleep? Well, Uber’s CEO abused Uber, Sydney’s summer heat tabulated, and Rugby’s first all-female panel.





Uber CEO argues with price of Uber trip while in Uber. Uber driver gives bad Uber rating to Uber CEO.

Uber. Well isn’t this a hot mess of recorded spicy ooze? Bloomberg (the company, not the elderly gentleman) has procured footage which shows Uber CEO Travis Kalanick getting into a verbal stoush with one of his employees.


The driver, named Kamel, excoriated his boss for lowering the profits and in turn “bankrupting him”.

“But people are not trusting you anymore,” he told him. “I lost $97,000 because of you. I’m bankrupt because of you. Yes, yes, yes. You keep changing every day.”

In response to the rant, Kalanick flatly planted that Kamel’s problems were of his design, and him only, stating that:


The real hero of the piece though is the marvellously-subtle-finger-up-to-the-boss-when-his-back-is-turned moment when Kamel gave his CEO a one-star rating. Sure, it’s not 97k, but it’s something.


Sydney swelters through a record 500 (degree) days of Summer.

Christ. We survived it. And most of us are now nothing but gelatinous blobs without definition, without hope, and without the amount of kidneys we were born with, as we had to hock one to reduce the spinning numbers on our power bills back to zero. Good times. The nerds who tabulated the data, who presumably are kept shackled under the floorboards of the Bureau of Meteorology (or BOM) have informed us that the summer just beyond has been the hottest since the keeping of records began, presumably eclipsing the previous record which mysteriously turned to ash.


Leading the charge with an uncomfortable grunt: the good citizens of Richmond, who endured 10 hellish days of temperatures of 40ºC+. They were also quick to note that the invasion of the summer sun on those oh-oh-summer nights was also notable in their brutality, with 58 nights remaining above 20ºC and no nights in summer falling below 15ºC.

Until next year, you cruel, unfeeling, volcanic tease. Also, welcome to my life, autumn.

Don’t be like our ex, yeah?


FOXsports debuts #LeagueLife, an all-female forum to discuss Rugby League.

Pardon the sweeping generalisation, but seldom do waves of positivity roll from the fractured tectonic plates of the Rugby League world. However, last night, there was indeed marvellous change, as FOXsports debuted Australia’s first all-female panel covering a major sporting code. And to that, we congratulations, and it’s about time. The timing for women’s sport is right, what with the W-League, WAFL and our cricketers knocking down the passé marble walls of sporting tradition.


Fantastic work, and a great moment it was, but, far too late. The gap in pay needs to be bridged, as full-professionalism is the clear next step, a climb hopefully enabled by the growing audience of the various codes and the panellists of #LL.


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