Approx Reading Time-10While I’ve traded the backdrop of stupidly sunny Sydney for stupidly sunny Bali, the same cannot be said for my eating habits. Yes, I have very few interests. Come at me, Bali burgers.




I write this to you from the desk of my holiday. The destination I’ve chosen is Australia’s unofficial sixth state, Bali. It works, because I love seeing my countrymen overseas, and the revelry is fiducially sensible (except for the $400 I inadvertently dropped on sangrias the first night, lols). But despite wandering the vaunted, foreign streets of Seminyak paved by the soles of my people, resting for a moment to settle on an impulsive tattoo, getting a gun held to my head for the ‘gram, and brunching with a man named Ketut, it was indeed business as usual, as the trials of Burgerdom can’t/won’t stop.

Fortunately, the wave of trendy burgers that has stained our suburbs has too washed over Balinese streets, as the fare was plenty, and dare I say, up to scratch. Who said white globalisation is a horrible, horrible thing? Well, me. But, you know, burgers.


Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:


See you next week, Australia.




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