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PolitiScope is a brand new citizen journalism initiative powered by the #AusPol Twitter hashtag community – one of the largest and most active political hashtag communities in the world. #AusPol members include politicians (past and present), journalists and commentators, academics and professionals, experts and concerned Australians from all walks of life, who actively share a huge range of highly informed views and information every moment of the day through Twitter.

PolitiScope: The landscape according to Tony Windsor

Approx Reading Time-8Tony Windsor this week’s guest on PolitiScope, the new platform where opposing, yet intelligent political discussion lives. Here, Tony discusses the challenges of regional Australians and gives his take on Turnbull.




Welcome back to PolitiScope, a platform where even, intellectual, political discussion is the preferred mode of discourse. If you’re looking for a shouting match, bordered by neg-vibes and poorly executed Tweets, step elsewhere.

This week, Tim Jones speaks with ex-member for New England, Mr Tony Windsor. In this interview, Windsor shares his insights including his journey into politics, the needs of regional Australians, the Gillard government, the current performance of the National Party, thoughts on Malcolm Turnbull and, typically, his take on one Donald Trump.


Listen to “#auspol live Dunning Kruger Hour: Tim Jones speaks with Tony Windsor” on Spreaker.

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