While you were asleep: Snoop caps Trump, ACTU boss plays hardball, five-second rule proven

Approx Reading Time-11What day is it? What happened while you were asleep? Fine, comrade question. Snoop Dogg dropped a clown, the new ACTU boss didn’t mince words, and the five second rule was legitimised. Happy now?




Snoop Dogg pops panto cap into Trump-a-like clown, clown’s lawyer demands immediate apology.

This is a strange thing to admit as we have never disrespected a woman, jacked chrome feet on an automobile or grabbed our street sweeper to pop a tray-eight slug into a mark’s head, but, we at The Big Smoke love hip-hop. However, we also don’t take it too seriously. Front-and-centre to this thinking is the Doggfather, California’s premier gentleman, assembled entirely from the stickiest of the icky, the S-n-o-to-o-p, D-o-to-the-double-g.

In Snoop’s triumphant return to saying words to music, he took a rather subtle/not-so-subtle shot at the current POTUS with the mostus, dropping Trump like he was proverbially hot.

Predictably, the lawyers of the Don Dolla responded in a fashion you’d expect:

But it brings a fairly obvious question to the fore. Prior to the Obama administration, which was a golden period for government/hip-hop co-operation (the administration gave as much as hip-hop gave to it), the roses really smelled like…normal. (Shout outs to Kanye West dissing Dubya after Hurricane Katrina, Lil B’s seminal ode to the 42 president, Bitch I’m Bill ClintonYeezy taking on Ronald Reagan in Crack Musicand Xzibit predating Obama with his Presidential tilt in Year 2000, replete with his backroom powerbroker, D.R.E.)

So, have the eight years of Barack Obama skewed the landscape of acceptable Presidential criticism in the hip-hop world?


New ACTU boss, Sally McManus tells Leigh Sales that laws can be broken when they’re unjust. Canberra loses context.

Speaking to the 7:30 Report, the new ACTU chief took an opportunity to punt the hornet’s nest into the Derwent and make it clear, in no-uncertain terms how things will be under her stewardship:

In an age where people read the headline and not the context, this has already caused a bit of a problem, as without the proper background information, the statement certainly sounds a lot like this:

As the lumbering albatross of criticism has already begun its laborious flight from Canberra to the ACTU Headquarters to empty its bowel upon the finer points, it’s probably best to say a little prayer for the proper context, and live with the hope that it will survive the coming nights.


Science proves “five second rule” is legit, serious scientific community grumbles discontent.

Everyone knew that grubby kid in school, the one with a sweated brow and fumbly short useless fingers, whose food always met the floor before his mouth. But, thanks to the truism he held to (in his mind at least), it was fine, as it had been on the ground less than five seconds.

It seems that the Ashton University has decided to pool its resources to solve a mystery that has wracked the minds of generations. The equivalent of space exploration for the Boomers. As it turns out, if one drops one’s food on the floor for less than five seconds, it’s “probably fine”. To prove it, they’ve supplied a nifty chart. To point out, again, this was an actual study undertaken by actual people:


Source: The Daily Mail


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