TrumpFact: Tax return leak, Obama-watch allegations and healthcare

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TrumpFact one: Donald Trump’s leaked 2005 tax return is discovered in journalist’s mailbox, features on Rachel Maddow show.

MSNBC were leaked Trump’s 2005 two page tax return which showed Trump made $150 million, paid $5.3 million in federal tax, $31 million alternative minimum tax and wrote off $103 million as a loss. Ambiguity around income tax payments, charitable donations and international business ties continue to cause media to question validity of the tax leak, and if in fact, Trump leaked it himself.

Trump said: “Does anybody really believe that a reporter, who nobody ever heard of, ‘went to his mailbox’ and found my tax returns? @NBCNews FAKE NEWS!.”


TrumpFact two: Donald Trump accuses Barack Obama of wiretapping.

During an interview with Fox News and via Twitter, Trump alleged that during the Presidential campaigns Obama wiretapped his phones. This resulted in Whitehouse Counsellor Kellyanne Conway saying “There are many ways to surveil each other now, unfortunately. There was an article this week that talked about how you can surveil someone through their phones, certainly through their television sets, any number of different ways. And microwaves that turn into cameras, et cetera. So we know that that is just a fact of modern life.” Trump then said he based his allegations on a few news reports which referenced wiretapping generally. Trump wanted an investigation into the potential wiretapping, but the House Intelligence committee has since demanded evidence of allegations by Monday.

Trump said: “Now, for the most part, I’m not going to discuss it, because we have it before the committee and we will be submitting things before the committee very soon that hasn’t been submitted as of yet. But it’s potentially a very serious situation.”


TrumpFact three: Proposed house health care bill faces criticism from medical providers.

Trump’s highly anticipated repeal against Obamacare has resulted in top US doctors associations and hospital groups opposing the plan. The plan would reduce federal deficits by $337 billion over the coming decade and increase the number of people who are uninsured. Currently, 11.5 million Americans have signed up to Obamacare policies, and the new bill could result in 24 million Americans without health insurance by 2026, higher premiums and higher out of pocket expenses for health care services. The bill proposes to both repeal and revise the Obamacare Affordable Care Act.

Trump said: “We’re negotiating with everybody, it’s a big fat beautiful negotiation and hopefully we’ll come up with something that’s going to be really terrific…I think that ultimately the big beneficiary will be the American people.”


So, which was the Good, which was the Bad and which was the Bigly?


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