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American drug: Trump leaked his returns and Maddow bit


Approx Reading Time-10Rachel Maddow’s exclusive report on Donald Trump’s 2005 tax returns exposes it for what it is: a deliberately leaked distraction from the real, serious issues within Trump’s presidency.




While Rachel Maddow waved around the same two benign pages for her entire show, Donald Trump Jr. machine-gun-Tweeted his father’s vindication to all who were on the fence about whether or not President Donald Trump had paid his fair share of taxes. The supposed leak was great for Maddow’s ratings and helped to establish Pulitzer Prize-winner David Cay Johnston’s new online news journal. It also gave ammunition to all the alt-Right media in their claims of Trump’s persecution.

After watching the events unfold, it is obvious to most that not only is the Trump administration responsible for the leak, but they’ve had this ready for a long time. The leak does a few things. First, it distracts from the investigation into the false “wiretapping” of Trump Tower, the investigation of his administration’s ties to Russia, and the Congressional Budget Office’s report on how horrible the American Health Care Act is for the poor and elderly. It also moves to pull back those Trump supporters who were on the edge of realising they have been had. It gives these MAGA-hat-wearing followers a desperately-needed talking point to defend their faltering demagogue.

We are underestimating Trump – not because he is smart or gifted in any way – the reason we underestimate him is because we, the American people, believed that to hold the office of the president you needed to be the best of everything that makes our country great. Throughout history, the heads of our executive branches of government have mostly been honourable men. This is not the case today.

We had never imagined someone holding that office with a vindictive nature. No-one believed that greed, cruelty, bigotry and a hate for anyone unlike himself (rich, white male) could rise to become the president. Trump supporters believed that because Trump sought the office of the president he would act presidential; maybe not like a traditional politician, but he would still hold dear the principles our country was founded on.

Trump has never needed to win anyone’s trust or respect. He’s always used his money, and the importance others put on his money, as a substitute. This is a man who has never had to be generous, honest or kind. In fact, these traits in his world are seen as flaws. Greed, dishonesty and the sociopath’s ability to lie without emotion is what makes money in our capitalistic world. Trump is a product of our time and the complete and total antithesis of what a president should be.

It is obvious that Trump is responsible for the leak. It moves to pull back supporters who were on the edge of realising they have been had. It gives MAGA-hat-wearing followers a desperately-needed talking point to defend their faltering demagogue.

To those who don’t believe that Trump leaked these papers himself, all you need to do is go back and look at his past. Ask John Miller or John Barron if he’s done this before. Well, you can’t, because those are the names Trump used for a full decade while speaking to New York City reporters when he wanted to leak information about himself. In 1984, when the real estate mogul’s plans for Trump Castle fell apart, it was John Barron who spun the story to New York Magazine. He said, “It sure is easier to get a large commission on a $105 million sale than to put up a building.” In 1991, a reporter named Sue Carswell was assigned to cover the wreck of Trump’s first divorce. She spoke to Trump’s John Miller persona who bragged about dating supermodels and even said that Madonna wanted him.

Why would someone so rich and powerful stoop so low? Seems ridiculous, but he admitted he pretended to be his own publicist under oath after being taken to court for using undocumented immigrants while building Trump Tower.

Don’t let Trump supporters feel vindicated that two pages of taxes from twelve years ago said he paid 38 million dollars. Those pages also said that this so-called business tycoon claimed 100 million in business losses. We need to instead agree with the fact that this incomplete tax return shows no wrong. We need to even compliment Trump for paying his taxes that year. Then we need to demand his recent tax returns just to show the world and the American people that he’s done nothing wrong. Just reassure the masses and prove he’s his own man. After all, Trump spent years chasing our last president’s birth certificate. It’s so much easier and less invasive to produce last year’s tax returns.

If we’re looking for a smoking gun when dealing with Trump, then we’re playing his game. He’s made an entire living off having so many smoking guns that he’s created a smoke screen.


This article was originally published on our sister site, The Big Smoke US.



Sean Davis

Sean Davis is the author of The Wax Bullet War, a Purple Heart Iraq War veteran, and a community leader in Northeast Portland, Oregon. His latest stories, essays, and articles have appeared in various magazines and media sources such as HUMAN the Movie, the international fashion magazine Flaunt, Forest Avenue's forthcoming anthology City of Weird, and much more.

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