Approx Reading Time-10Since his last update in the Burgers I’ve Burgled series, our hero, no longer on holidays, is dealing with stupid reality by bludgeoning his senses…with burgers. Hooray!




Since I last spoke at you from the escape known as Bali, I’ve returned home, and to all that comes with it. The feeling of rank disappointment struck me when I was rocketed out of the catacombs of the Sydney rail link: tonight I will be sleeping in my own bed, and 7 hours after that I’ll be prodded awake by the pointy fingers of responsibility. It’s not that I wanted to still be in Bali, it’s more the fact that the destination I desire is anywhere but this place.

So here I sit, watching the slit in the door for the bills to cascade into my life. It behoves one to have a form of escapism. Something akin to a slight concussion, something that cuts off oxygen to the brain, something for which one must remain conscious, but which uses the most basic of motor functions. While I’m not artistic enough to try heroin, nor am I adult enough to commit to having children, I do fortunately have a salve for the ouchie burns of life and…you know where I’m going here.


Glorious burgers.

This week’s beckoning calls:

Consider them answered.

And lastly:

Ahhh yes. In some very narrow way, it is good to be home.


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