While you were asleep: QandA is fake news, Gov thoughtlessly takes on 18C, large chicken crushes dreams

Approx Reading Time-10And a good Harmony Day to you. What happened while you were asleep? Well, QandA took on fake news, the Turnbull gov made a point on 18C and a large chicken was…large.




QandA opens discussion on fake news, media chimes in to ape Shaggy.

“It wasn’t me” was the prevailing vibe of QandA last night as respected journalists chimed in resolutely to claim that the truth be all, and that they were forever sworn to defend it, especially in this age of fakery. Justice League, unite! To be fair, we’ve avoided the worst of it, as the American trend of fake news (unlike juvenile obesity or double denim) is yet to beach itself on our shores, wailing complaint about its new home.

What we do have, as a sort of countermeasure, is vast bias – everyone is correct, and everyone is wrong. Hooray.

Elsewhere on the fertile lands of shouty destruction, we were treated to a cameo from a disgraced Coalition staffer, as exposed below:

Perhaps the true take home lesson was thus:

Happy Harmony Day, sheeple.


Turnbull gov shifts from satire to irony by repealing 18C on the day the UN celebrates the end of discrimination.

Speaking of Harmony Day, the day the UN decided to celebrate the elimination of discrimination is being celebrated slightly differently down in the magical land of Oz, as the Turnbull government is set to complete noted empath Bill Leak’s legacy in tearing down the current structure of 18C.

Fucking, lol.


Large chicken emerges on Internet, somehow becomes important, skewers hopeful hearts.

Yes, it’s an unexpectedly large chicken. Yes, that chicken shouldn’t be in that house. Yes, that’s a large chicken.

Cast please your eyes down to the bottom of the above Tweet. 40,000 favourites, 29,000 retweets. Now, no one wants to make this about cock size, but to all writers everywhere – to those who grind their many failures into moderately valuable shimmering stones of interest – to have all that pain, all those quiet victories and all that doubt bested by a piece of poultry is beyond the pale.

In the words of our Editor-in-Chief: “I always assumed I was born too late to write, but now I’m wondering if I should have been born at all.” Grim.

Moving quickly along: have you seen the size of this chicken?


The top five Tweets from overnight:


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