While you were asleep: Italians doubt EU, river now person, female cricketers’ payrise

Approx Reading Time-11Morn-o! What happened while you were asleep? Well, the future of the EU got shakier, a river was granted human rights and our cricketers scored an overdue payrise.




Italy steps further out the door of the EU, EU elevates status to “hot mess”.

Remember when we shook our collective heads at the UK driving their economic double-decker at 88mph to zip back to 1956? Well, the Queen jacking up her petticoat to sneak out of the window of the sleeping European Union might just be a walk of shame that ends up looked back upon nostalgically as the right move, as the party that remains rolling on is quickly turning nasty.

Throwing the television into the pool are the Italians, who have decided they also want out as the anti-establishment “five star” movement has taken a commanding lead over their opposition. The party, helmed by a comedian looking to push for a referendum on membership of the EU, is in the prime seat due to vast infighting and the loss of trust in the more traditional parties, including the ruling Democratic Party. Sound familiar?

This represents the first throes of a significant clusterfuck for the EU, as they’re also keeping an eye on the French elections, and the possibility of a double-referendum. Added to this is the ancient still-unsolved Greece debt crisis (remember that?), Serbia’s push toward membership (whose pro-Putin leader has already spoken of bringing Russia to the table if their membership falls short), the new assurances that must be made to Scotland post-Brexit, and also the actual Brexit.


River granted same rights as people, legislation turns to chasing waterfalls.

Well, it’s not just any river, but the Ganges, a body of water seen as a sacred entity by almost a billion individuals, so it behooves one to not start shit because it’s got mates…and the backing of the High Court. The judicial minds of Uttarakhand (a state in Northern India, which is also fun to type) made the decision, ostensibly ruling that the polluting of the river will glean a legal ruling from the court apropos to the plaintiff harming a human person.

To enforce this rule, and perhaps legally represent the body of water, the court has assembled a crew of three, ready to bring the litigious noise if required.

The Ganges is apparently tainted with sewage and industrial pollution. In some places, the river has stagnated to the point that it no longer supports fish or other forms of aquatic life. That same water source makes up Delhi’s 19 million citizens’ drinking water.

So, grand work. Let’s just hope that the court appoints a suitably biased judge to rule.



Cricket Australia offers step toward parity, increasing match payments for women cricketers.

The pay rise of 125% looks good on paper, and we’re over the moon it has happened, but two points must be made: 1) if it was performance based, the raise looks paltry; and 2) what took so long? Economic parity, especially in professional sport, is a long time coming, and it is yet to arrive, but with the women’s game booming alongside the barnstorming WAFL, one can hope that dawn breaks on that orange morning where the economic playing field plateaus soon.

And what a day that’ll be. Let’s make it in our lifetimes, and let us make this increase not a gesture, but merely the first step in a push toward something we can all be proud of.


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