Et tu, Ivanka? Will she save Trump from himself?

Approx Reading Time-11With Ivanka having the ear of the President, I do not believe we should focus on nepotism. I believe we should look at her clashing political views.




Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of what? Yesterday, America’s favourite President took bring your kids to work day a yuge step forward, making his daughter part of the administration. Ivanka Trump is now a trusted, albeit unofficial, advisor – a role which grants her an office in the White House, security clearance and a reassurance that she answers only to her bloodline.

Following the news was an electrical thunderstorm of ill will, with winds howling claims of nepotism and the ground turning to mush under the heaving sleet of suspicion. As it so often happens with the fear of the unknown, speculation is abound. Will she fly the lead drone into Iran? Is she dad’s conduit to Moscow? Will she begin a worldwide search for the lost ark?

Whatever pretext we may fear, be it of obvious nepotism, paranoia of profit or simple anti-Trump sentiment, all of it is inconsequential. In fact, it does not muss one plastic hair on Pa’s plastic head, because the real issue here is Ivanka’s political views. And within that, is hope.

You see, in William Shakespeare’s butchering of history (and an emperor) Julius Caesar, the leader of Rome is a triumphant dolt, impervious to reality, only hearing the success of his own voice – a man literally deaf to the forces building around him – he just rolled with it on the back of the collective fervour after publicly vanquishing a foe. Sound familiar? In the play, Brutus, family to Caesar, against his better judgement, collude with some plotters on the pretext that the removal the big cheese will ensure the safety Rome. So many monologues later, Julius gets shanked in the chow line.

Ostensibly, Julius got bladed because he didn’t listen. His pride was the fall. And what a fall it was, folks, it was great, you gotta see it, let me tell you.

However, Ivanka has a chance to escape the fate of Brutus, and reeducate Caesar. As you read this, the Trump administration is pushing to pull the federal funding on Planned Parenthood, an act that seemingly goes against Ivanka’s station. On her father’s campaign trail, she was repeatedly asked where she stood on the abortion issue, and at the time Ivanka stated: “I don’t talk about my politics, I don’t feel like it’s my role. I’m the daughter. I don’t think my politics are relevant to the discussion.”

However, as the clock has ticked ahead, her views should now be fulcrum to the greater discussion – if not in public, then absolutely in the ear of Caesar. Insofar as Ivanka’s views go, we do not know for sure, but there are shades which hint at them. In public, she has been opaque on the abortion issue – not stating that she supports Planned Parenthood, but that she “fights for the rights and empowerment of women”. However, a clues are revealed in who she’s donated to (through the proxies of her father, herself and her husband, noted DNC backer, Jared Kushner).

And the one thing that binds them all, is a resistance to the defunding of Planned Parenthood.

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Now allow me to add salt to this.

Ivanka Trump has supported the DNC openly prior to the Trump administration, including backing HRC’s presidential run in 2008, and, yes, while that may be ancient history, and allegiances alongside times do change, an individual’s moral compass more often does not, especially the larger the issue for that individual. Up until the Trump family started riding the Elephant instead of the Donkey, the majority of Ivanka Trump’s donations went to the blue side of the house (she also backed the GOP in 2012), with her most recent backing being Democrat Senator Kamala Harris. To add to this, she has also donated to Andrew Cuomo, Harry Reid, Eleanor Holmes Norton (a pro-abortion feminist who fights against deportation of immigration deportations and LGBT rights), Kirsten Gillibrand (a US Senator who is literally running a petition against the defunding of planned parenthood), Gavin Newsom, Chuck Schumer, and Cory Booker (for whom Ivanka ran a fundraiser in 2013).

Maybe it’s a heavy slice of conjecture – it could be coincidence that so many of these recipients back Planned Parenthood – but I say it speaks as an absolute positive, as Donald Trump has repeatedly said that Ivanka is his most trusted confidant. Surely having the Emperor’s good ear is a boon for the movement – or at the very at least, a subtle elbowing toward the tilling of shared gubernatorial ground.

The problem with that of course is internal strife. Ivanka is actively lobbying her Universal Child Care plan on the Hill, which apparently borrows from Hillary Clinton’s policy. And with it budgeted at $500 billion over the course of ten years, how keen would the Republicans in belt-tightening mode be on further expenditure, enacted by a non-elected official – with a policy inspired by the party’s Cthulhu, no less? Donald has already done some trampling of his own, forcing the GOP to accommodate his ideas of free-trade, one that took Republican economic theory back to the pre-Depression 1920s. How long will the established figures and their agendas be ignored in favour of the Trump family bills proudly magnetised to the fridge door?

Ivanka, just like the character of Brutus, is looking for reform outside the singular rule of those in power for the greater good. While I’m not expecting her to plant a dagger in the back of Pa on the Ides of March, perhaps her role is to warn Caesar of the forces that work against him, not with him, all the while winning concessions for those who live underneath him. It would be a turn worthy of Shakespeare.


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