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PolitiScope is a brand new citizen journalism initiative powered by the #AusPol Twitter hashtag community – one of the largest and most active political hashtag communities in the world. #AusPol members include politicians (past and present), journalists and commentators, academics and professionals, experts and concerned Australians from all walks of life, who actively share a huge range of highly informed views and information every moment of the day through Twitter.

PolitiScope podcast: Universal basic income – Why and why not?

Approx Reading Time-8The PolitiScope podcast dissects the next great social question of our time: should we implement a universal income moving forward, or will that push us back?




As part of The Big Smoke’s series with PolitiScope Podcasts, #AusPol member @VicRollinson hosted her second live podcast where she spoke with @TroyHenderson, PhD in Political Economy from the University of Sydney on the finer points of, and the logical steps surrounding, a universal basic income in this country.

From a historical perspective (Nixon was a fan), to the modern day application of a UBI in this country, PolitiScope Podcasts strip back the issue to climb over the obstacles propped up. Will it cost too much? Will it enable unemployment? And is it a tangible economic response to job automation?

Listen to “#auspol live Talks Universal Basic Income with Vic Rollinson &  Troy Henderson” on Spreaker.


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