Know who you’re Instagramming: @street_art_community

Approx Reading Time-10We spoke to Vladimir, the brains behind @street_art_community, a collective who immortalises what is traditionally temporary street art.




Your Instagram pics are fabulous! If for whatever reason you could only save three, which three would you save?

My favourite images. Most of the work that remains in my heart reflects a reality that is so sad.




And your favourite Insta video clip?

My favourite video. Joint animation of BLU and David Ellis in 2009. This work was the culmination of the street art FAME Festival held in Italy. BLU and David Ellis drew and photographed their work for a whole week to create this stunning animation clip. Non-standard view of the art, but very spectacular and interesting. The works of artists vary from one to another under the experimental sound series. Enjoy watching.


Can you please tell our readers a little bit about yourself and how @street_art_community came to be?

My name is Vladimir. I live in Russia. I am not an artist but I am fascinated by the talent, ethics and artistry of artists to convey to people the deep meaning of their work. That’s what really got me hooked. After seeing the works of some artists, I could not remain indifferent and not share with friends. So, the idea came to me to share the works of artists not only with friends, but with all people.


InstaMoments: What do you think is the main driver to people coming to @street_art_community daily and following you?

In my opinion, the main driver for people who come to my Instagram on a daily basis is that I try to share daily the most relevant, fresh and interesting works. People who like street art follow me. Many share interesting work with me, the most interesting and relevant I necessarily publish.


InstaStories: What is the main story you like to tell through @street_art_community?

The main story that I want to tell through my publications is that there are a lot of talented people in the world. Looking at the work which I admire, for some it can become the meaning of life.


InstaFans: What is the worst way for someone to try and get your attention on Instagram, and what is the best way?

There is no exact answer to this question. My attention can be attracted to works of absolutely different directions. It may happen that the work is not very beautiful, bright, but it makes a lot of sense. Such work is difficult to ignore. It may also be interesting street art performed in hyper realism, but not carrying any meaning.



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