Trump bombs Syria, alt-right rises to condemn

Approx Reading Time-10Donald Trump bombing Syria has not just split the earth in Homs, but also his most dedicated voter base.




Here’s what we know. The Trump administration has actioned a strike against Syria, loosing 50-60 cruise missiles toward a base in the city of Homs. The pretext of this attack was in response to the use of chemical weapons earlier in the week in Idlib, an attack which gained international condemnation, questioning not only the act, but also those who pulled the trigger.

Now the payload of this ordinance will not be felt on foreign shores, but rather those closest to the White House. This matters because Donald Trump, both pre-, during and post-election has repeatedly muffled the bugles that trumpeted war against Syria, especially in deriding Hillary Clinton’s actions in Libya, enforcing regime change and being bogged down in a superfluous Middle Eastern theatre. Ostensibly, Trump is doing the same with Syria, bypassing congress to a start direct military action, as the administration has already moved to remove Assad from leadership, confirmed by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

The point of contention, especially for those of the furthest of alt-right leanings (which is the Don’s strongest fan base), is that Trump has betrayed them by “doing a ‘Hillary’”, with many turning their backs – an interesting duality, as those who believe that a full-scale invasion of North Korea is completely justified, and that Islam is “a problem to be ‘solved’”, are now rebelling against the bombing of those very people.

The crux of the issue lies in this Tweet, however; not just in what is says, but who the Tweeter represents:

The author of the Tweet, Asa J (with an icon of the American flag), is the personification of the base that the author mentions. His Twitter bio explains himself as a “common-sense conservative” and “American Nationalist”, who “started Twitter only to follow Donald Trump’s race to the White House.”

Although the alt-right are not entirely in revolt, what voters like Asa J represent is the splitting division in a once uniform rank. The attack itself seems to have done little from the preliminary reports, it seems that the damage is done. Reaching to hyperbole, Trump bombed his own voter base.

Reaching to hyperbole, Trump bombed his own voter base.


So, for those who fill column inches, or dinnertime conversations eagerly speculating the one-day collapse of Trump, you might just have your first tangible cracks in the marble. For the most devoted of Trumpites to be betrayed in the same manner as “Crooked Hilary”, is a fairly deep abuse of electoral trust to come back from. Heaving a heavy dose of speculation, those who voted for Trump voted for an outsider candidate who would resist making insider decisions like this one. Whether this manifests in a true-alt-right candidate come next election (someone like Alex Jones) is too early to say. But you read it here first.



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