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Mobilia Group: Sisterly solutions in property styling

Approx Reading Time-10We spoke to the inspiring co-founders (and sisters) of MobiliaHomewares, Anita and Vanessa, about the importance of scope, vision and the challenges of working with family.




Good afternoon, guys. Could you fill us in on the company background so far, and what inspired you to create MobiliaHomewares?

We are the co-founders of Mobilia Group, which was established in 2010 literally from our garage just like Google, Apple and Amazon. We saw the need in the marketplace for property styling after being in real estate for over a decade.

What inspires you both creatively?

Creativity is woven all through our lives, it’s in our DNA. We’re inspired by the entirety of the process. From property styling, to colour combining, to theming to imagining a place that someone will call home.


What has been a barrier to getting your business up and running?

The challenge was understanding each other’s needs and wants moving forward and the differences in our personality, with Anita, who is logical and practical, and Vanessa, who is a fast-paced risk taker.


What is one thing you wish clients understood when approaching you for the first time?

The value we can add to a property so simply and effectively at such a simple price.


How has your background and involvement in community groups shaped how you approach your business?

In our community, integrity is paramount, and family is a priority. It’s also given me an understanding of how important it is to embrace and understand all cultures, all demographics, all locations and all budgets. We can do anything from studio styling on a budget to a multi-million dollar feature property.


What is the biggest mistake you see people making when approaching their interior design?

People don’t see the value in their own properties. We see beyond an empty cluttered space, the client doesn’t. People can lack vision and imagination.



What is the one thing you remind yourselves when the road gets rocky or you have barriers you need to overcome?

We never forget where we came from, how blessed we are and how we got here today.

Vanessa’s famous quote: We want to save the world!

Anita says: And I think we will!


And finally, what advice would you give to sisters or close friends looking to start a business together?

Don’t do it (lol). No, you should celebrate the difference, harness each other’s strengths, understand each other’s weaknesses. Believe in each other.

And never take it personally.

Be inspired and check out Mobilia Group today!