While you were asleep: Trump demonstration turns bloody, Bernie down for ice-meme, Salt Bae casts vote

Approx Reading Time-10Morning! It was an historic evening as Berkeley saw another bloody demonstration, Bernie Sanders’ legacy was ruined and a one-note song played its part in a referendum.




Pro/Anti-Trump forces meet at free speech event, event quickly turns violent.

Berkeley has a long-running tradition of institutional disobedience, be it through Hell’s Angel, sitting around, or coming to verbal blows with your fellow man, who doesn’t get it, man. The latest page in the storied history has been written with the blood spilt between pro-and-anti-Trump complainants, the final bitter total being 11 injured, 21 arrested.

The below footage, as horrible as it may be, best displays how the gap in feeling is being filled with balled fists.

Free speech. Perhaps it’s time to ban it.


Bernie Sanders preaches from ice cream pulpit, gives editor headache.

O, Bernie. What happened to you? Fittingly, in the weekend during which the saviour rolled back the rock, it seems another has jumped the shark – or more accurately, jumped the shark and landed waist deep in an ice cream tub and helped himself to a double scoop of Internet derision.

Worth mentioning that the above is Bernie’s actual Tweet from Bernie’s actual Twitter. For realsies. Now, of course, the Internet lost its shit, as the greasy twang of keys clacked to the sound of internal lols, but the mirth is just background. And, sure, for clemency here’s an example:

What a bunch of lols. Now, why this matters is something to do with the first story. Bernie was/is seen as the polar opposite of Donald’s outsider candidacy. Sadly, he failed, but as the US continues to bludgeon itself to death to be heard, we kind of need Bernie to be the best Bernie he can be. Which is not to say that he isn’t, but we Internet folk are an easy/hard to please bunch. We’ll readily latch ourselves to the passing robe of any prince, but given the opportunity, we’d easily revert to behaving like the snarling bridge trolls we are. Don’t give us the chance, Bernie. We can’t help ourselves.


Turkey goes to the polls, nations proudest decaying equine casts vote.

He’s Turkey’s most famous Turk. Move over, Kemal Atatürk, father of modern Turkey, you’ve been bested by the guy who sprinkles the salt and, in turn, greases the wheels of the Internet ladyfolk and the curious lad the world over. Salt Bae has been turned into a meme. He’s seasoned Leo and now he’s cast his vote in the upcoming Turkish referendum.

Salt Bae; the Billy Ray Cyrus of this decade – a ponytailed, one-note joke tune that we love as a guilty pleasure and would still bang given the chance.

Moving on; the vote moves to allow an expansion of powers for President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, which could see him rule until 2029. The supporters of Erdoğan believe that the current constitution needs to be amended to better reflect the modern security challenges that Turkey now faces (IS, military coups etc). Opponents believe that a “yes” vote would march the country closer to authoritarianism, citing as example, 120,000 people who were removed from their jobs for supposedly supporting the failed military coup of last year.

Side note, The Big Smoke’s resident Turkish geopolitical expert Jacqueline de Gier will be commenting on the expansion of powers, and who actually placed Erdogan in power at 10am.


The top five Tweets from overnight:


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