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CelsiusPro: How to stop worrying about the weather raining on your business


Approx Reading Time-10Inclement weather is part of life in Australia. Fortunately, our partners at CelsiusPro say Aussie businesses at risk of our harsh climate should still be looked after, so when the weather changes its mind, we can still have peace of ours.




Life just wouldn’t be the same if you couldn’t grumble about the weather.

Sometimes it’s possible to praise it but that’s never as fulfilling as a grumble because people respond more enthusiastically when you complain and you become a unifying source of social engagement.

If climate change has an upside it is the potential to promote grumbling at a level that will guarantee social harmony for many years to come.

However, if the financial success of your business is at the mercy of the weather then that’s an entirely different matter.

Commercial pressures have reduced some profit margins for farmers by as much as fifty percent over the past four years. Some crops face very weak current market conditions so it doesn’t take all that much bad luck with an adverse weather event for profits to be wiped out altogether.

Farming profits are all too often at the mercy of the weather. All it takes is a dry Spring, temperatures being too hot or cold during a critical time in the cycle and a whole crop and its profit can easily be lost. And then something like Cyclone Debbie can come along and put you out of business altogether.

Commercial pressures have reduced some profit margins for farmers by as much as 50% over the past four years. It doesn’t take all that much bad luck with the weather to erode some of their margins altogether.

Latest forecasts for 2017 indicate that farming faces severe threats from heat stress, a dry Spring, a frost and potential for a wet harvest. Furthermore, the more damaging effects of climate change that farmers were expecting to face by 2050 are now forecast to materialise by 2030. It seems inconceivable that an industry so vital should be exposed to such risk.

The worry and uncertainty caused by weather takes an enormous toll on farmers and their families. For them, weather is predominately a perennial threat hanging over their heads rather than a subject for social discourse.

But CelsiusPro is a game-changer. They offer the first Professional Weather Protection programme in Australia to afford protection from financial loss to farmers and to any business vulnerable to adverse weather.

CelsiusPro is an Australian and Swiss-based business. Its record of innovation and leadership in this vital new field has been recognised with the 2014 ANZIIF Innovation Award and the highly prestigious Swiss Insurance Innovation Award. It is involved in vital projects throughout the world such as the Livestock Insurance Programme in Kenya and the Rural Resilience Enhancement Project in Ethiopia. It has recently been appointed co-manager with Blue Orchard of Germany’s first Climate Insurance Fund and is working with the World Bank on the Agricultural Index Fund for Ukraine.

CelsiusPro is associated with world leaders in Re Insurance such as Swiss Re, Munich Re and Endurance Re.

Their breakthrough business model is based on a low premium fast payout policy. Farmers can gain protection for an outlay of only $3 to $7 per hectare and payouts are made as soon as the relevant Bureau of Meteorology reports are published.

CelsiusPro assures coverage through the issue of a Weather Certificate, the absolute guarantee of financial protection. Certificates can be issued up to just twenty days before a possible weather event.

Professional Weather Protection has already proved to be a boon for Australian farmers who have expressed great appreciation both for the financial protection and also for the peace of mind that comes with it. Organisers of major outside events have also benefitted greatly from the service. No longer need they sweat on their upfront investment going down the drain with the rain

Jonathan Barratt the CEO of CelsiusPro Australia has acceded to the suggestion that he should respond personally to enquiries from The Big Smoke readers. So please feel free to phone him on 9994 8009 or email him at [email protected] You will find that Jono is an expert in this critical new field.

He loves talking about the weather and is very adept at making forecasts become a whole lot sunnier.





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