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May the fourth be with you: What’s inside Darth Vader’s mind?


Approx Reading Time-10Today is May the fourth, the date we celebrate the Star Wars universe. What better way than to unpack the mind of the biggest goth in the galaxy?




May the fourth be with you. Annually. Now, the Star Wars universe is filled with characters that you absolutely, positively have nothing in common with. Be it the simple agrarian scamp-turned mass killer, the intellectuals who wear their pyjamas to work, or the robo-slaves who make light of their harsh lot in life. When I gawp at the screen, and indeed the films of my youth (that seem to continually change with each passing edition), I do so objectively, because I crave (nor am I any of) those things.

Weesa disappointed.

However, there is one character who is as infinitely interesting as the universe he looks to conquer. A dad with an obvious child-rearing impairment. The dark dad, Darth Vader. Safe to say that he’s a bit of a father figure of mine, especially after mine disappeared, and it’s an even safer bet that when I have kids of my own, I’ll force them into my line of work, and punish minor infractions by removal of their right hand.


Yes, it is.

However, I’ve often wondered what makes Darth tick. He begins life as an annoying juvenile who steals cars, and grows to become the most angsty teen in the galaxy, before giving himself to dat goth lyfe, soon after murdering a score of children and stealing the voice of James Earl Jones. All in the name of fear – or precisely, the fear of the death of his loved ones. His inability to accept such a grim truth that holds us all starts him down the dark path of imperialistic hijinks and all the perks o’ that.

Now, as a character, he’s moved well beyond the page, and I’m uncertain how much of this George Lucas wrote and how much of his growth into pop-culture has walked by itself, but nonetheless, we venture into the plastic skull of Darth, to unpack all that heavy baggage within.

Remember to lift with your legs, and May the fourth be with you.



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