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The race is on: How IBM, Accenture, PwC and Deloitte are shaking up the marketing industry (Ad Age)

While ad agencies rarely bump into consultancies on big client pitches, the threat from Accenture Interactive, PwC Digital Services, IBM iX and Deloitte Digital is real. These consultancies are rising fast by gaining a foothold in marketing departments and wooing chief marketing officers with their vast array of strategic and data analytics solutions to big business problems that traditional advertising can no longer solve alone. And in some cases, they are layering on creative services and content marketing, putting them solidly on the same turf as traditional shops. For the first time ever, four consultancies have cracked Ad Age’s ranking of the 10 largest agency companies in the world.


Global marketers predict rise in digital ad spend despite concerns around ad fraud, viewability and transparency (WFA Online)

The majority of the world’s largest advertisers are committed to increased investment in online advertising in 2017-18, some by as much as 40%. This comes despite increasing questions about its effectiveness and transparency, according to a study conducted by the World Federation of Advertisers and Ebiquity into the intentions and concerns of the world’s largest advertisers. However, while two thirds plan to increase spend, some advertisers (12%) say they expect to maintain the same levels of investment in 2018 and 21% indicate they will reduce online spend. Performance-focused advertisers were most likely to boost spend, with 48% predicting increases compared to just 18% for brand advertisers. The results are based on responses from more than 50 global advertisers, representing an annual advertising spend of more than $80bn, and are being released as part of the WFA’s Global Marketer Week in Toronto from 25-28 April.


Morphing into a monster (Ad Contrarian)

“Last week I was in Toronto at the World Federation of Advertisers annual conference. I participated in a debate about ad tech. My partner was the great David Wheldon, Chief Marketing Officer of the Royal Bank of Scotland. We teamed up to debate two other marketers who spiritedly defended the indefensible. I had 5 minutes for my opening argument. Here’s what I said. Hi everybody. I’m Bob. I’m a copywriter. I don’t know very much about technology. I also don’t know very much about media buying or selling. So why am I here shooting my mouth off about ad tech? Because although I don’t know much about software or media, I think I know a little something about bulls**t.”


Myths of programmatic advertising debunked (Digiday)

Programmatic advertising has run into its fair share of problems, from bad ad placement to data quality to slow-loading web pages. At Digiday’s Programmatic Summit in Dublin, Ireland, this week, we gathered over 100 programmatic experts from marketing and publishing to discuss and debunk some of the myths around programmatic.


Media habits of the world’s busiest people (Quartz)

The Quartz Global Executives Study documents the media habits of the world’s smartest, busiest people. We surveyed 1,357 executives from around the world to find out how they get news, why they share content, and how they feel about advertising.


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