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Asset.Guru: Preventing SME assets becoming liabilities

Approx Reading Time-10In the SME world, no two assets are the same. Thanks to our partners at Asset.Guru, you can manage them as you would in a large conglomerate, with one eye on productivity, and the other on results.




The assets of a business can be extremely diverse.

They range from trucks, trailers and trains to fryers, kettles and coffee machines to software, hardware and workwear to manufacturing, research and warehousing resources.

In big businesses assets can number into the thousands and managing them all effectively is critical to maximising both efficiency and profitability. That’s why many big businesses seek specialist outside help from large IT companies such as IBM, SAP, NetSuite and Microsoft, who provide purpose-built asset management solutions with big business price tags.

Effective management of assets is no less a challenge for small and medium businesses who can’t afford the outside help enjoyed by the large. In many cases they struggle to manage their assets on the tortuous treadmill of fixed registers on excel spreadsheets – a system that all too often can become one of their main liabilities.

Asset.Guru however has created the breakthrough solution for small and medium business. They have distilled down the essence of the large asset management models and made them available to small and medium businesses both from an operational and budget perspective.

They offer a system that ensures SMEs are ready for audit, just as able to manage risk and minimise asset loss as big businesses, and are just as able to understand exactly what they own, where it is and what it is worth.

The key to managing an SME is driving business growth and the evolving operation that it demands. Asset.Guru lends the underpinning assurance that your house will remain in order while that happens.

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Business assets are far more than items or numbers on a spreadsheet, they are all vital parts of a business that are essential to its success. Asset.Guru’s system recognises the significance of that premise by integrating asset management into mainstream corporate management.

Their clients benefit from asset management expertise that ensures full compliance, regular maintenance schedules, maximum depreciation, minimal losses, better-managed insurance and higher profitability. Their system enables full interface with Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks but most significantly it brings the benefit of world-best SME asset management practice to each and every client.

Asset.Guru is an outstanding Australian business success. Its client list takes in Canada, the US, Netherlands, UK and Iceland as well as Australia.

Its asset management system consistently meets the rigorous vetting standards applied by accountants, tax advisors and book-keepers designed to protect the interests of their clients.

Testimonials from many satisfied clients such as the Vecta organisation strongly affirm the benefits that the Asset.Guru system can bring. Their Operations Director, Danny Schwotzer, says “Asset.Guru is a godsend. We use it in the cloud and it’s accessible to our staff anywhere around the world. We particularly like its flexibility, as we have tailored it to the exact needs of our business.”

Simply contact Asset.Guru direct or visit them online to book a free 21-day trial of their asset management system.

You’ll soon discover why they offer the best possible protection against your assets ever becoming liabilities.


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