Geoff Grist: Agent of change in property and philanthropy

Approx Reading Time-10The housing market is going through a seismic shift, and our friend in real estate, Geoff Grist knows this well. Buyers and sellers both seek better results for themselves. But they also covet an advocate they trust.




The role of real estate agents and the value provided is increasingly coming into question, with the industry ripe for a major dose of modern disruption. Both sellers and buyers are seeking a more efficient, more comprehensive service, but above all, they want an advocate they can feel confident in.

It’s no longer enough to feel reassured they would just sell your home while ensuring their income. It is time to raise our standards as citizens to look for those who seek to understand our story, while acting as a genuine agent of change. Realising outcomes that are as crucial when parting with your most valuable possession, is not something attained from just going through the motions.

In a world where real estate agents are almost a suited-up blurry sea, when one stands out because they understand your suburb, care about your story and the complexities of selling above market – we need to sit up and take notice.

Geoff Grist has been servicing Mosman Neutral Bay for over 15 years and understands changing climates, changing property needs and most importantly, the evolving needs of sellers. While it is typical for those thinking of selling their property to call a number of agents, it always comes down to one crucial component – trust.

It is the idea that you are putting in the hands of someone you trust one of your most important assets, who will not only understand your needs, but advocate for them. It is the idea that the person who is responsible for the selling of your property is not just thinking about their bottom line, but yours. And just as importantly, they are not just a property agent, but also an agent of change.

One of the most impressive pieces of information we know about Geoff Grist is not his ability to sell your property above market value in under 30 days (he can), nor the fact he is a safe choice in changing times (he is). The most impressive piece of information is his absolute dedication to social good and in particular, his involvement with Swags for the Homeless. Every time Geoff sells or appraises a property he donates a bed to the homeless. This philanthropic effort, coupled with above-average professional outcomes results in a commercial choice that is a no-brainer.


Building relationships is crucial when selling property, and you want to turn to those in the industry who want to understand your journey and how you got to this point. You want to make the right choice by profiting from the experience of those that know the local area and can give the right advice. But above all, you want to deal with an agent of change.

There is an interesting and almost typical response when one discusses the real estate agent who is set to sell your family home, or perhaps sell you your first property. We go into these relationships slightly cynical – after all, we all know that real estate agents are generally after their own bottom dollar. But we also live in an age where conscious capitalism is being further explored and understood, and industries are becoming disrupted not only by technology but by the idea that you can both be of commercial value and also of community good.

The good fortune of Mosman and Neutral Bay (and surrounding areas) is not limited just to a beautiful harbour side location, but by having agents of change like Geoff Grist available and willing to advocate for your buying and selling needs.

You can contact Geoff Grist today!

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