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While you were asleep: Impeachment put forward, Chelsea Manning freed, ant becomes dinosaur

Approx Reading Time-10The first steps of impeachment were walked by a soul singer, the first steps of Manning’s freedom by Converse and a red ant became a black sheep. Go back to sleep, trust me.




Congressman Al Green subverts his greatest hit, will call for Impeachment.

Well, the first shoe is dangling perilously off of the curled toe of Al Green on its journey to the floor, as the man himself has decided that staying together is what the American public does not ne-e-e-ed. Ostensibly, Mr Green is taking the result of last year’s election and throwing it in the river. This Al Green may actually be a lawyer from Houston, but make puns I will.

Here I am.

I’ll stop.

Can Trump be impeached? In theory, yes, but in application it’s a bit tricky, as the GOP own the majority of the floor, and requires a two-third majority-vote to swing the axe. Sooooo, essentially, many Republicans would have to about-face over their candidate. However, there are some who would. According to The Hill, Senator Justin Amash from Michigan claimed that if the memo from Trump to Comey asking him to halt the investigation on Michael Flynn was true it would merit impeachment.

Perhaps it won’t be long until Amash will be tired of being alone, and push Trump out the door, and then Love and Happiness.

Until Pence takes the oath.



Chelsea Manning takes first steps of Freedom into Converse endorsement.

Free at last. The analyst formerly known as Bradley walked free this morning, leaving that sepia hell that was her Kansas prison behind, her mind holding the truism that there’s no place like home. Now when she clicks her heels this morning, the footwear that accompanies her gleeful percussion be not ruby wimple pickers, but the comforting blackness of one Chuck Taylor.

Manning served seven years for what many people believe was the right thing to do. Sup the sweet breeze of possibility, Chelsea, and for your first day out, may I suggest you have breakfast for dinner. Live it up.


Ant strikes out against family culture, disappoints dead relatives.

And cue the music. The name of the ant is Tyrannomyrmex rex, named after the meta beast that wandered the movies of Spielberg and swallowed every other interest through the early childhood of every member of my generation. Now the great hunter who cannot touch its toes (a genetic trait we both share) lives on in the form of a teeny, tiny cannibalistic ant from Singapore.

By all reports, they’re a bit shy. Naw. Strange to see the word “shy” and “cannibal” heaped in the same description, as the act of eating people usually strips away introversion. One would assume that a lack of social skills, and/or preferring your own company would result in one malnourished cannibal.

Unless you eat yourself. Would that be auto-cannibalism? Is that viewed as a sub-culture in cannibalistic circles?

It’s too early for this.

Ooh, breakfast.


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