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TCB Solutions: Experts at the business of families in family businesses

Approx Reading Time-10The family-run business is often the backbone of the community. However, just like families, one loss can beget more. Thanks for our partners at TCB solutions, they’re protecting SME’s from sudden change.




Families are the very essence of our social structure and our biggest blessing. Well some of them are. Others only materialise at Christmas or are merely a breeding ground for hostile relations.

Family businesses can vary every bit as much. They can be as productive as the Murdochs and the Lowys while on the other hand they can cause as much disruption as the one running North Korea that is now in its third generation. Then of course there’s the Mafia family business model notorious for its high staff turnover.

Small and medium family businesses on the other hand like law practices, wineries and “mom and pop” restaurants can lend a disarming personal touch.

All family businesses however are subject to issues similar to those that beset families. In big family businesses there is so much at stake that the corporate interest normally takes precedence over the family interest, but small and medium family businesses often lack the resources to provide such clarity in priority.

The challenges posed by generational change in family SMEs can even threaten the very future of the business.

Yet many family SMEs remain oblivious to the potential dangers of managing a business through a traditional family focus in an era of dynamic change. They see themselves as essentially no different from non-family businesses and don’t feel the need to burden themselves with special family-orientated issues. They regard succession planning as rather the exclusive domain of royal families.

TCBSolIn fact, they can be encouraged by the thought that keeping the business under tight and traditional family control is a protection against a range of pressures faced by non-family businesses. This can even encourage the delusion that keeping things “en famille” is a protection against the challenges of change.

Some family SMEs simply plan to hand the business over to the next generation without taking the mandatory steps to secure its continuity.

TCB Solutions are leaders in the field of succession planning and generational change for family SMEs. Any family business with a turnover of at least $5 million that is at some stage in the consideration of handing it on to a next generation would benefit from their counsel.

The guiding principle that TCB applies to all their projects is “What’s good for the business is good for the family but what’s good for the family isn’t necessarily good for the business.”

Society is learning to cope with the impact of dynamic change in both lifestyle and commerce. Family businesses have to cope with the challenge of intergenerational change on top of all that.

TCB meets the challenge for a family business through a unique approach to corporate planning which marries legal, financial, operational and family demands into one comprehensive plan and ensures they can all live happily together thereafter.

Above all TCB Solutions brings to a family business the surety of legacy and longevity. They are number one in this highly specialised field.

Lloyd Russell, the principal of TCB Solutions, is a fourth generation member of this highly successful family business. This has given him the insight and experience that has proven invaluable in guiding clients through a seamless transition to sustainable family business continuity.


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