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The Masked Liberal: One Nation’s stakes on a plane

“Look boss, the plane,” we shriek, hailing the end of One Nation. But while Pauline might go down with the Cessna, the sentiment that powered her to the Senate will remain.




As I gaze out over the blinking lights of the Australian Political Gotham there seems to be a rather obvious sign flashing in the night sky. Those lights – aimed with a wide grin on the faces of the left, glee highlighted by the flashing sparks of their sharpened knives – it’s finally happening: the death of One Nation. So it goes that a light aircraft will be the vessel to ferry Pauline Hanson out of the conversation forever. Muahaha, roll out the barrel, etc.

Except, no.

While the amassed left may fashion a noose of parliamentary rope, and it may well be Pauline’s body that swings from the gallows of public opinion, the ideas that she rode into the Senate upon will not die, as those views still hold muster for a cross-section of the Australian public. I believe that the general media narrative has blinded us to the truth. We’ve been too eager to find fault in the application. So as we focus on One Nation’s capitulation in WA – the waning opinion polls and their zero-budget-remake of Watergate – it’d be remiss to assume that their failure is because they represent a view not worthy of the Senate (or indeed, of being part of the discussion). Natural political selection? No. While they may have flown like Icarus, they substituted wax with the flapping force of a paper trail. One Nation failed because One Nation seems to be fundamentally flawed in maintaining a political party. Not the other way around.

In fact, I’ve been anecdotally told, over the haze of too many afternoon ales, that true right-wingers abandoned One Nation long before the bloodbath in WA, for crimes of treason and betrayal. The repeated complaints were that the party were acting like politicians (especially Pauline’s helming of the broadband clusterfudge) and that they’ve shifted away from their station – they’ve become less about what they want, and now what they can get (in a marginal Senate). And while they could barely handle Malcolm Roberts, they absolutely could not handle a reverse in policy.

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So, consider this: the far-right will not go down with Pauline’s plane, they continue to exist, as a sort of independent exiled mass, leaderless in official title, but not in force. It’s only a matter of time before they shift allegiances to the next true believer, be it Bernardi, Christensen or anyone else that Dingo Twitter or the wave of right media vessels point toward, just as it would any other political party.

It will continue to exist, because the followers believe in it. They agree in the theory, but not in the application. It’s akin to those who believed in a Communist paradise. It’s not Karl Marx’s fault – blame it on Stalin, Mao and Castro.

Just as a quick side note, Labor Boy asked me what the mainstream right make of what he labelled the “lunatic” fringe. Well, truthfully, it’s irrelevant. It’s same as those on the far opposite of the left-hand side, those who shackle themselves to causes they believe in; while they may be castigated by those who do so, that doesn’t stop them believing, and that isn’t going to be halted by one aeroplane-enabled disaster, or the clicked tongues of those who smugly state “yep, I knew it was going to do that.”


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