While you were asleep: Pint saves London, McEnroe serves Court, Greizmann staying put

Monday. Stay away from her, you bitch. Good news however, as a man and his pint saved London, John McEnroe entered the SSM debate and loyalty exists in the footballing world. We’re surprised too.




The symbolism of London’s post-attack grit comes from man and his pint.

In the postmortem of the London attack, there are many narratives, there are the facts (seven dead, twelve arrested in connection), there is the political point scoring (Theresa May, “enough is enough”; Donald Trump, “Travel ban Redux” and Pauline Hanson, “…”), and there is the epileptic hate-fest that is Internet discourse. None of them are giving much hope, none of them are viewed as heroes. What the grieving, fear-wracked public needs is an image to latch onto, a tableau that silently and instinctively shuffles our head in agreement.

The Syrian refugee crisis had the awful photo of Aylan Kurdi, the Vietnam War had the famous “Napalm Girl” image. And now, the London Bridge terror attack has this:

Take whatever meaning from his still-full pint you wish. The conclusion is the same. Even faced with frightful terror, we, as a species, will survive. We’ll continue, and whatever the new location to which we’re relocated, there will be a chair. And there will be an opportunity to finish our drink.

Chin chin.


McEnroe weighs into Court’s same-sex marriage debate, you can not be serious.

It seems that the same-sex marriage debate directed by retired tennis player Margaret Court now has a doubles partner. John McEnroe aka “Mac” aka “The Brat” aka “That abusive definition of America” has chimed into the debate, stating that if the Margaret Court Arena kept the name in solidarity, he would personally get his friend Elton John on the phone and have the gayest mass wedding at that very venue, before adding “Margaret, that’s the kind of guy I am.”

Yay? Confused at whether this should be considered a victory for those behind SSM in this country, The Big Smoke sought others’ opinions, with one source unequivocally stating: “somehow this issue is now about point-scoring between two people who possibly couldn’t, nor shouldn’t have a say in the future – especially in something they have no idea, nor station regarding. Frankly, I think both of them should focus on whatever it is that they do best, and let the discussion return back to those who have the power, and indeed us to convince them. McEnroe, Court, changing the arena name. It’s all background. It’s not the real topic.”



Mourinho won’t make Griezmann’s hotline bling, forward staying at Atleti.

The grandest thing about being a football fan is that there is no off-season, and while the Champions League Final brought the European Leagues to a conclusion, there’s an insane amount of money at stake, and indeed to hand over to man-children who may be borderline illiterate but earn the GDP of Bolivia, and enough rumours flying around to keep you interested as the days creak toward the start of the season anew.

One of the longest-standing rumours is the fate of Atlético Madrid’s mop-haired Drake enthusiast, Antoine Greizmann and his will he or won’t he foreplay advances toward the red half of Manchester. Turns out, he won’t, as the forward has pledged his loyalty to his current employers. However, the why is telling. As Atleti have been slapped with a transfer ban, Greizmann will be staying put as they wouldn’t be able to sign a replacement. Actually, in the world of the uber business that is the sport, stories like this are rare and thusly worth celebrating.

Allez Antoine.

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