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CelsiusPro: Protection against the damaging financial effects of climate change

The climate change conversation is one worth having, but what isn’t being discussed is the potential cost to Australian farmers’ businesses. Fortunately, thanks to our partners at CelsiusPro, peace of mind is at hand.




If you want to learn the latest on climate change from an ultimate authority, forget about climate scientists, politicians and Tim Flannery, just ask a farmer.

Farmers are on the climate change frontline. They’re not thinking about when sea levels are going to rise or how hot temperatures will get by 2080 because down on the farm the effects of climate change are happening right now.

The increasing frequency of extreme weather events and unpredictability in weather patterns are already threatening the economic sustainability of some farms and there is a growing feeling in the farming community that it could in time even be a threat to the essential sustainability of food supplies.

Latest weather forecasts for 2017 indicate another tough year for many farmers. The experts predict severe threats from heat stress, a dry Spring, frost and a wet harvest.

A combination of commercial and climate pressures have reduced margins on some crops by as much as 50% over the past four years so it doesn’t take all that much bad luck with the weather to wipe out profits altogether.

On top of all that the latest advice to farmers is that the extreme effects of climate change previously forecast to hit by 2050 are now on course for 2030.

Among the farming community climate change is not a matter for debate, it is a real and present threat to their livelihoods.

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Significant research programmes are underway to identify new farming techniques that can respond to the challenges of climate change. But many farmers are desperate for relief right now.

It’s not just about the financial toll that increasing adverse weather events are taking on the farming industry. It’s also about the distress and heartache they are causing to farming families. They are already the victims of climate change.

CelsiusPro however can bring immediate relief.

It offers the first Professional Weather Protection programme in Australia to indemnify farmers against financial loss caused by adverse weather.

This breakthrough business model is based on a low premium fast payout policy. For example, farmers can gain protection for as little as $3 to $7 per hectare and payments are made 20 days after the publication of Bureau of Meteorology reports.

Participating farmers receive a CelsiusPro Weather Certificate as their absolute guarantee of financial protection. Certificates can be issued up to 20 twenty days before an anticipated weather event.

CelsiusPro is an Australian and Swiss based business. Its record of innovation and leadership in this vital new field has been recognised with the 2014 ANZIIF Innovation Award and the Swiss Insurance Innovation Award.

The company has recently been appointed co-manager of Germany’s first Climate Insurance Fund and is working with the World Bank on the Agricultural Index Fund for Ukraine.

It’s not only farmers that are deriving great benefits from CelsiusPro. Any organisation whose business can suffer at the whim of weather such as promoters of outside events can gain financial protection.

Jonathan Barratt, the CEO of CelsiusPro Australia, is ready to respond personally to enquiries about this breakthrough programme. You can gain the benefit of his expertise through ringing him on 9994 8009 or contacting him at [email protected]

A chat with him could not only dispel your financial risk but also disperse that worrisome cloud that’s been hanging over your head.


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