While you were asleep: London’s Oz victim, Qatar loses plot, NZ flips bird

Dour days be these. Especially because it’s only Wednesday. Alongside the news that an Australian was a victim of the London Bridge attack, one of Trump’s cabinet was flipped off in Wellington. Swings and roundabouts, innit?




Australian victim named in London attack, drops nation into angry mourning

This week it seems terrorism got personal. Alongside the mortal acts in Melbourne, two Australians have now been linked with the violence that crossed the London Bridge. While Brisbane woman Sara Zelenak is still unaccounted for, South Australian nurse Kirsty Boden is no longer with us.

According to those who knew her best, she was loved, and indeed respected, her loss felt by those who call these familiar streets home.


Qatar fires back against neighbours, bricks up borders, citizens panic shop

Meanwhile in Qatar, things have quickly grown to anabolic levels of stupidity, with the Qatari government responding to their neighbours severing trade ties by deciding to close their borders, resulting in a rush to the supermarket by everyday Qataris to stock up for the diplomatic apocalypse.

In response to the ban, and echoing the kind of juvenile nitpicking of crazy monarchs reaching 11 centuries back, the King of Saudi Arabia is removing all date fruits given to the Qataris as a gift. Dates. Fortunately, the Qataris have a surplus on sour grapes, unfortunately, Qatar sees 40% of its food imported from Saudi Arabia.

Could be worse:



Rex Tillerson meets most populous native bird in New Zealand – the middle finger

You know what, something cool stirs under the land of the long white cloud. For generations upon generations, we’ve been able to laugh at them, for they’ve committed the cardinal sin of being dangerously close to us but not us. However, in the last decade, the dweeby little brother with a funny lisp has started wearing his hat backwards and not giving a fig what Mum and Dad think. Dangerously, they’re skirting the borders of cool.

To support that theory, the civilians of Wellington welcomed the US Secretary of State (aka Trump’s Doberman), Rex Tillerson, with a friendly extension of the middle digit.

Not very inventive, sure, but it got the point across…just like we would do. Who needs ribaldry when you’ve got pedestrian abuse that everyone gets and won’t get lost in translation?

You know what, Australia – time to put down the rivalry, friendly or otherwise, and let us put forth our hands, link our arms and raise the middle finger with NZ, united as one.


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