Mobilia Group: Bringing the royal touch to Australian property

The Australian property market is harsh place, where often what you see is not what you get, but thanks to our partners at Mobilia Group you can reach maximum aesthetic with a minimum of fuss.



When it comes to property it takes a family business like the Mobilia Group to understand the lifestyle and aspirational needs of families. Property in particular underpins how a family not only currently lives, but supports their aspirations around how they intend to live.

One of the biggest errors that can be seen by both developers and agents in the Australian sector is the misguided focus on the selling price and not the overall experience, or on the lifestyle being presented. High end properties are often photographed and visited with sporadic stylish furniture, but that soulless approach does not fully encapsulate the lifestyle vision of its potential buyers.

Mobilia Group are a dynamic company based in the heart of Sydney, who do in fact know how to capture the heart of the luxury lifestyle. The company is led by two sisters, who together have created the perfect company culture harmonising both lifestyle property styling with the values of the very essence that forms family owned empires.

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Founded in 2010, sisters Anita and Vanessa have built a successful company that has evolved from property styling into a full luxury property service. On May 25th 2017 at the Grounds of Alexandria, the sisters hosted over 150 VIP’s to a decadent night focused on good food and a huge vision. The night unveiled the Royal Series, a product that focuses on the entire concierge experience for high end property furnishing. The innovative product is a unique service, creating two offerings from both hire and turnkey.

“We are constantly seeing high end property furnished, but there is no lifestyle with it; just ‘let’s get the furniture in and when it’s sold it’s gone.’ We want more than that,” Anita explains. The opportunity that the Royal Series presents ultimately services three core customers; from developers to agents then right through to individual sellers and buyers.
We are seeing more within the Australian property market fragmented analysis and fluctuating conditions. However, the consistent message is that the way a property is styled does not just change the game when going to market, but when done well can carry on right through to the entire living experience for the buyer. These sisters understand what it takes to take a home from stylised to encapsulating their owners’ style, and it’s a balancing act that is rarely achieved well.

Mobilia Group are a standout from the current property styling fare, with a wow factor not replicated elsewhere and the experience and partnerships to bring to life every property vision. Their eye for detail and their dedication ensure the entire concierge experience is unparalleled, bringing to the Australia property market the ultimate royal touch.


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