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We're a married couple born and raised in Los Angeles that have a love for food and photography. We have a 2-year-old daughter who also happens to love food just as much as us. Be sure to follow our adventures so you will know all the hot spots to eat at in the Los Angeles area and beyond! Hopefully, you won't eat your phone!

Know Who You’re Instagramming: Larone Thompson of @tastethisnext

@tastethisnext know that the sunburnt streets of LA are painted with the opportunity of culinary adventure. More importantly, they know where the landmarks sit.




Hi, guys! Your Instagram pics are fabulous. If for whatever reason you could only save three, which three would you save?





Can you please tell our readers a little bit about yourself and how @tastethisnext came to be?

Myself (Larone Thompson @nintendough84) and my wife (Tiffani Thompson @soseductiff) started @tastethisnext in April of 2016. We both have experience with social media marketing and we love food so the task was not difficult for us. We started off as just a repost account and then we ventured into our own photography and that is when the page growth took off! Once @tastethisnext became big, we started @noodleworship and @surfnoturf! @noodleworship has become the largest noodle/pasta account on Instagram and @surfnoturf has become the largest seafood account on Instagram.


What do you think is the main driver to people coming to @tastethisnext daily and following you?

I believe the main driver of our traffic is the fact that our pictures are excellent quality and showcase the food very well. Plus our captions are clever and I believe our name is very catchy. People have grown to love us individually and as photographers 🙂


What is the main story you like to tell through your page?

The main story we like to tell is that you can take your food photos anywhere! We love to take our food outside and photograph them over random flowers, bushes, or in front of buildings. Food photography doesn’t have to be traditional and only captured at a restaurant table.


What is the worst way for someone to try and get your attention on Instagram, and what is the best way?

The worst way to get our attention is probably DM believe it or not because the Instagram DM system is very faulty. Seems like it has a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. The best way to get our attention is to tag us in the photo itself, use our hashtag #tastethisnext or email us.


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